Solo Niobe Labs Puzzle – Unlocking the “Niobe’s Torment” Mission (First 3 Steps Complete)

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Destiny 2 Black Armory – Solo the first 3 steps of the Niobe Labs Puzzle. Just a video showing a solo unlock of the Niobe’s Lab to unlock the “Niobe’s Torment” mission. Credit to the community for finding this, not sure who the original finders were for all of these but I was sent the details from a clanmate on discord.

Text steps:
Ding 1: Shoot Stone, Wind and Fire very quickly.
Ding 2: In any order:
Machine Gun: Shoot storm, stand moon shoot T+HREBFLU+
Sniper: Stand on Tiger, shoot: Fish, Lotus, Temple.
Stand on Dragon, shoot: Archway, Rabbit, Bamboo, Temple.
Stand on fish, shoot Lotus.
Bow: Stand on Morning, shoot: Missive, Trees, Water, Rose.
Stand on Wind, Shoot Missive, Missive
Ding 3: Stand on Morning, shoot: Missive, Rose, Water

And credit to the original finder of the very first clue here:

This unlocks the next mission where the community is currently stuck on for “Bypass Level 1 / Initiate Entry”.

My PC setup is nothing too crazy at all, but the specs are:
i7-8700, GTX 1070, 16GB DDR4-3000 Ram, 256GB SSD, 2TB HDD.

Allows me to run max settings at constant 60FPS while recording. Which is about all I need for now 🙂

Keybindings can be seen here (with 1800 DPI):


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30 Responses

  1. Andrew Danvers says:

    Have I missed a step? Or maybe 2 as are there not puzzles like this at the 2 Nessus forges, I’m sure gofannon had but couldn’t find anything hidden at izanami. Oh and my 2 pence worth, I can’t do step one that fast (can’t see a point to having a speed/time limit other than it was designed for a fire team of 3 in the first place)

  2. Soul Purpose Gaming says:

    How are people suppose to figure all that out? It seems so random.

  3. RT HJ says:

    Is there any information that helped you get this far, or was it just iterative brute-forcing across the community?

  4. SMDoktorPepper says:

    Much too complicated for it's own good.

  5. picanteluke says:

    Yeah, that's a big nope for me

  6. Zero Todona says:

    D: so wait… if this unlocks for everyone after all the puzzles are found, we don’t get to fight siviks???

  7. Gaz says:

    If this is done on PC then it dont count… show us on console – pc is proven to be different and easier for much of this game…

  8. Starside Canine says:

    I stumbled upon this because it's something everyone is getting ticked about. I haven't been on D2 in a while so this is all new to me.

  9. blueforeverblue1 says:

    and those weapons from raid,,if you dont play raid,,you are not good,,they think like that,,i just piss on destiny

  10. blueforeverblue1 says:

    stupid bungie puzzles and stupid fucking jumping puzzles,,i love this game without puzzles,,i spent 2 hours for nothing,,too difficult for me,stupid motherfuckers by Bungie and Destiny,,i have to play and search for other people and always play with other fuckers,,i lik eto play alone sometimes,,i piss on destiny

  11. Patrick Korzinovski says:

    Everyone have to do this bevore playing the new Forge?☻

  12. Global says:

    I did those first 3 symbols ultra fast and it never worked for me… is there any other step that I need to do before this?

  13. anas momo says:

    This Puzzle is a shame we waiting 2 weeksfor nothing and no checkpoints its just disgusting

  14. Rin Okumura says:

    0:00 I am fast but it doesnt work?!

  15. zeddex81 says:

    ahh more shooting secret symbols how incredibly dull, guess its a lot lazier to do this kind of boring shite than actually make some interesting game missions that people might actually enjoy….

  16. Rin Okumura says:

    I know it has not much to do with this video… but if im understanding it right, the forge will unlock for everyone as soon as someone completed the puzzle?

    Does somebody know the anwser, true or not?

  17. Colin says:

    I don´t get a hit marker when I shoot at the wind symbol with Spitful Fang. But hit marker by the stone symbol with Tataras Glaze and fire symbol with Hammerhead

  18. 陳陳禹睿 says:

    Holy crap I must subscribe

  19. danteMdie says:

    These puzzles are pretty much ridiculous. Bungie is complicating quest just for the sake of complicating. Where's the fun in this? That being said, thanks for the share, really helps people out.

  20. squid flib says:

    First one is impossible

  21. JAESIN45 1 says:

    If you do this Solo, you are God. . Ive been watching live streams and every one of them are in the same spot. Won't be buying D3, Bungie is Tripping. I Have a job.

  22. Skylar Cadwell says:

    Ding 2 isn't working for me, im shooting and standing in the correct order but nothing is happening

  23. Porunobu 69 says:

    what if i did one before then came back lster does it remember

  24. Scott Swift says:

    What are you a Freemason haha all them damn 3’s.

  25. immortal9922 says:

    Is like doing homework not playing destiny

  26. GameTitan74 says:

    This must’ve been a major chore.
    I think Bungo took the puzzling thing waay too much…
    By the way, I call Bungie Bungo cause…why not

  27. Prime says:

    This is fucking bullshit on controller

  28. Shafi Iqbal says:

    I tried the first ding with a friend, worked.
    However, never heard the second ding even after 10 tries.
    Can anyone help here?

  29. Dixiedevil says:

    This archaic horseshit makes me was to uninstall the game again.

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