Skyrim – What’s the Second Tallest?

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What are the tallest mountains in Skyrim? How do real-world buildings, rides and trees compare to the content in this game? It’s time to investigate.

Here are the Skyrim units –
Thank you to this mod for the BOOK OF HEIGHT –
Mountains my prominence –
Great Rigg’s picture was taken by the guys over here –

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44 Responses

  1. SkullMinePro says:

    So does that mean clouds are really low?

  2. Aaron Frechen says:

    Starting a video by stabbing nazeem is a way to get me to watch said video

  3. EliteVeyron says:

    “If you couldn’t tell, I really love tall trees, which is one of the reasons I hope the next elder scrolls game will be set in-“ Oh, he’s going to say Valenwood, where the cities are literally built on giant walking trees! “-Black Marsh.”

  4. Geter Priffin says:

    That was probably the unintentionally shortest intro I've ever seen on youtube

  5. ThierryTheuns says:

    The heights of the cities really baffled me.

  6. Alex Maurice says:

    Hi.. this is awesome.. subbed

  7. Anthony Decarolis says:

    So Mount Everest is our "Throat Of The World"

  8. Sketchy Artist says:


  9. Jay Ramsey says:

    A little IRL knowledge I gleaned from this video: K2 is the 22nd highest peak in the world. That's crazy. I thought it was at least in the top five.

  10. legoman7041 says:

    What about Sovngarde

  11. Kappa Ninja says:


  12. Sir Moustache says:

    3:56.. what

  13. Gamenbob YT says:

    And, on that disappointing note, G…

  14. trocca says:

    5:52 white-gold tower from oblivion "911" feet just over half of the height of the one world trade center

  15. Emily Productions says:

    Such a disappointing ending, literally

  16. paving stone says:

    Actually, G is my favourite note

  17. Hot Roblox Girl says:

    fuck nazeem

  18. Mc Smelly todger says:

    "And on that very disappointing note, gue"

  19. Ompharus says:

    Wait Cyrodil is in the Skyrim map? Wtf why?

  20. _Odium_ says:

    3:33 you can see a building outside the borders of the game.

  21. Brad Maxwell says:


  22. Caroline Dowd says:

    6:20 Does anyone else get massive spikes of anxiety flying out of bounds in a game like this? Even just watching that clip is triggering that feeling a bit. It's almost like diving underwater in a game and the bottom is so far down that you can only see the fog.It feels like you're not supposed to know what's all the way out there.

  23. Röder says:

    You should've calculated in earths (or rather the planet TES plays on) curvature into measuring the hight of the red mountain.

  24. Hamza Mukarram says:

    It's logical that the throat of the the world is 2.5k feet, otherwise our players would die from air pressure

  25. Supreme Nerd says:


  26. Kay-Mon Sao says:

    It doesn't matter what's the tallest or second tallest… There are beings that are tall more.

  27. IcyThot_Boy 420 says:

    A tower that is 911 feet tall wait a second

  28. 3edgy5me says:

    5:18 think thats more of a Fallinesti/ Elden Root Valenwood thing

  29. Morgane Maziarczyk says:

    What the hell's this weird looking tower on the right of the screen at 3:36 ? Looks out of the limits of the game…. I wanna knooow

  30. rowan heywood says:

    Big up dove stones reservoir

  31. Big Oof says:

    Hodd Toward did this

  32. Lord Vartheir says:

    Red mountain is not in skyrim though

  33. akrobeau says:

    *stabs nazeem* “do you get to the cloud district very often?”

  34. Trigen Moon says:

    start play skyrim sees video about mountains start video gets 50 spoilers about upcoming quest with ghost animals and witches and daughters okay uninstall skyrim xD

  35. oscar Vintvall says:

    3:34 The Imperial city is in the Background!

  36. ikemanreed says:

    Enjoyed the video

  37. The_Trash_Man says:


  38. Anonomous says:

    In awe at the size o’ this lad.


  39. Will says:

    Well its a game in the end. Spending 25 minutes to get to the top of the throat of the world feels like going up a mountain in a video game. who wants to spend that long walking? its kinda boring, so it feels long. But if you got to the top of a mountain in 25 minutes in real life you wouldnt feel like its a mountain at all. It should take several hours at least, but again, in a game that length of time would be too long and boring. Games are scaled more to time than to physical size. Skyrim feels large while actually being tiny because walking from one side to the other feels tedious, which works in its favour to create the feeling of size, because you are doing it for fun.

  40. Dalvìk says:

    Scotland has big mountains near the highlands

  41. Tonimo says:

    is it just me or has this video been uploaded before on this channel?

  42. YTapp Testing4 says:


  43. Obi-wan Kenobi says:

    Excuse me wtf is happening here

  44. Andy K. says:


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