Skyrim -Visiting Morrowind and Cyrodiil

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In this video I visit High Rock, Hammerfell, Morrowind and Cyrodiil!

The first song is the main theme for Morrowind, the second one being Auriels Ascension from Oblivion for the PC and PS3.

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45 Responses

  1. Thomas Lietzau says:

    Can you cross over from Cyrodil  and Skyrim ?  If you own  both  Games  .. I  own Oblivion and Skyrim  ..Do you need a Mod to do it ? or just go to the right Pass ??

  2. Masinary says:

    Love that Morrowind soundtrack…

  3. ITS A DIO says:

    I tot the DRAGONBORN DLC for free!

  4. Alfred Jodl says:

    why.. just why they included this?

  5. Jesse05James WT says:

    and at 2:52 that was the white gold tower alright :/

  6. Jesse05James WT says:

    also at 1:52 that was defnlity vardenfell

  7. Jesse05James WT says:

    i acttaly got to morrowind in skyrim on solthsteim

  8. Thomas Brooks says:

    i want ESO just to explore all of the provinces

  9. SwordSkill2 says:

    By the way, you can also see Vvardenfell and North part of mainland from Solthsteim of Dragornborn DLC.

  10. Jake Dillon says:

    I heard a while ago that Oblivion was going to be part of skyrim because Bethesda wanted to test world sizes for ESO


    Wow , what a waste. They should have included it.

  12. Heaty says:

    I wonder why and how bethesda did all that stuff? Hands down Skyrim game of the century! 🙂

  13. Ginger Snape says:

    Is that the gate that's east of Riften at the beginning of the video?

  14. Satans Fetus Legs says:

    Hey, bad textures! It's like you're really there! (prepares for barrage of hate mail)

  15. Kaleb S. says:

    I'm pretty sure morrowind is a bunch of islands like solsthiem

  16. Oskar Olsson says:

    He is problebly using a mod.

  17. Cody Peavler says:

    how did u get past the invisi-barrier for morrowind? or was that part of the last update before they completely abandoned the game?

  18. Olive Flute says:

    You can visit morrowind easier: buy dragonborn DLC and go to solstheim

  19. Marvisaiya says:

    Good mod idea! Some should get the world of the proviences and put them in one game 😀 It would be called elderscrolls: tamerrial :DD 😀 :D: D:D 😀 D:D :DD: D:

  20. Sly Wolf says:

    Ah.. the memories..

  21. Isaac Dean says:

    Another Easter egg is that if you go down on the map screen, (breaking the invisible barrier) you'll actually see the old world from oblivion!!!

  22. Isaac Dean says:

    That's the actual morrowind landscape

  23. Sam Westaway says:

    Just to make sure anyone who didn't pay attention to Morrowind lore, The islands mountain aka Red Mountain erupted and destroyed the entire island. There is no life on Morrowind, why do you think the Dunmer are on Solthiem now?

  24. alliie crawford says:

    Is this on pc or console? Because I'm where this gate is

  25. Project Medusa says:

    Elder scrolls 1:Arena
    Elder scrolls 2:Daggerfall
    An Elder scrolls Legend:Battlespire
    An Elder scrolls Legend:Redguard(in Hammerfell)
    Elder scrolls 3:Morrowind
    Elder scrolls 4:Oblivion
    Elder scrolls 5:Skyrim
    Elder scrolls 5:Skyrim Dragonborn(Solsthiem. Part of Morrowind)

  26. Stuart1174 says:

    old message but whatever, i would like to them combine valenwood, elsweyr and summerset isles into one game, considering the size of those provinces and the diversity of the terrains, could be interesting, otherwise highrock and hammerfell, but i wouldnt be surprised if they revisit say cyrodil or morrowind again.

  27. Lucas Burney says:

    I was thinking Summerset Isles because of the High elf empire vs. the Imperial thing. I forget what they were called, I haven't played Skyrim in awhile.

  28. Boris Stankov says:

    You have to play quite a lot for 200 in game years to pass. 😀
    But, yeah, it would be awesome…

  29. FreshGuy555 says:

    What if you were playing oblivion and 200 in game years later you saw dragons flying above the mountains of skyrim because the tes games are 200 years apart that would be awesome

  30. TheHotboy47 says:

    redgaurd when the character you play as actually talks

  31. Persons aperson says:

    2013 and using Autistic as an insult. Also using MAYMAY arrows on youtube like a total dumbass.

  32. Marge Simspon says:

    I would stop playing TES if the y only made Online games. They could make a singleplayer and multiplayer game in one.

  33. Tawny Owl says:

    >being this autistic

  34. George Menendez says:

    the red mountain erupted because a war gone of there and it got nasty

  35. RustyAngel says:

    I do know how the red mountain erupted

  36. Ron Pearlman says:

    I kept trying to do this on a console by doing the fall out of glitch in white run 🙁

  37. Mike ` says:

    Yet no Elsweyr 🙁

  38. Persons aperson says:

    It worked.

  39. T0mahawk145 says:

    you have to make a difference between zenimax online and bethesda softworks… these are different studios but both belong to zenimax media inc..

  40. T0mahawk145 says:

    why hammerfell??? its just a desert… elsweyr would be much better! tropical forests, palms, jungle, wild animals… and of course the khajiit! and the story would be great because the thalmor control elsweyr.
    valenwood would be great too. huge forests, buildings in trees, and mystical secrets.

  41. Cast_101 says:

    what command to go to Morrowind again? i use tcl but dosen't work.

  42. Based Bugs says:

    Ending the single player series would be the stupidest thing they can do if TES Online is a success.

  43. Japananian says:

    Im sorry but all i could understand from that was !FUCK SHIT ELVES FUCK LEGION SHIT! SEPTIM FUCK SHIT FUCKERS!

  44. Jackman1st says:


  45. Glen Grinder says:

    I'd rather see Argonia or Valenwood. Black Marsh as a super power, with the Hist and some Sload has a lot of potential for a majestic story. We can get more background on what happened to Morrowind, some info on the Brotherhood and Sithis, some info on the Hist, and see the only nation that might have a chance of toe to toeing the Dominion right now.

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