Skyrim Revisited Forgotten Seasons MOUNT

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Heres the mount you get for completing the gather Dwarven Horse parts quest in Autumn Dungeon. After you collect first part from dead mercenary at beginning quest will start. Look for the others in area where all the different color wheat is. The final piece is inside room with conduit. To open that room you have to gather all of the different color wheats in that room and use them to activate those weird big things that are next to the door. I think there are 6 of them. 3 on each side. Once you get all parts head outside of cave and look for a dwarven saddle. Activate parts on that to complete quest and get your mount. You may have to enter cave then exit for dwarven horse to appear for you after quest completion.


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3 Responses

  1. LobodomyReaperCrew26 says:

    Where's the left front leg, bro???

  2. Zer0 / says:

    Hey as you seem to be quite knowledgeable with this new CC mod could you post a review video on it? You'd be the first I think. I would watch your videos but I don't want spoilers in case I decide to buy it… Cool horse though

  3. Mitch Murray says:

    I can’t find the front right leg

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