Skyrim Pure Lazy OP Dual Wield Walkthrough Part 6: Easy Early No-Perk Armor Combo

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Here’s how to create a ridiculously powerful Skyrim dual wield build from scratch on Legendary Difficulty. This, as requested, is an amalgam of some of my best mini power runs, all hyper-fused together, injected with a big dose of roids and kicked into overdrive… 🙂

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43 Responses

  1. Milk dragon says:

    After mining the vein at Froki's shack grab the diamond resting on the vein to sell later

  2. Faltarego says:

    Anise's Cabin = Slack's Shack

  3. Croatian Cowboy says:

    Never heard of Froki's Shack. Never heard of Kyne's Token. I have 1100 hours of in-game time logged for Skyrim

  4. Drum3rboi3838 says:


  5. CrusaderAquila says:

    Quick question with some context: I want to follow your build, but I do notice in your other builds that you sometimes get into Speech training and the opposite sex perk plays into effect. Will it do so this time? Because I want to play as a Female as opposed to a Male.
    Thanks 🙂

  6. byybane says:

    Last week left of my 6 week holiday off work, part of me is sad. The other part of me can't wait for the weekends were I can binge watch all the missed episodes of the Slackster

  7. Dino Teddy says:

    Come now you need to consult lazy boy in the beginning of each episode and convince him do shit he's lazy after all

  8. Ben Strijker says:

    Is lazyboy so lazy he does not have a last name?

  9. Gwyn Judd says:

    I have katla a potato but the horse still was marked steal. Any ideas

  10. jenjen hocho says:

    Rumors say they gonna release Elder Scroll VI in 2019, thoughts?

  11. Kevin Katzke says:

    Omg slack this is some good stuff super funny

  12. Alvin Svensson says:

    This man has been pumping out walkthroughs for 5 years straight

  13. Mos Jeffinately says:

    Lazy boy stairclimber challenge is at 321 calories today.

  14. Matt Wilcox says:

    Most excellent walkthrough. The way I do it. Variations include getting pickpocket skills up to pickpocket equipped weapons so with use of invisibility potion Froki can be stripped butt naked instead of killed and kill less generally. I would have many nasty poisons made by now.

  15. Gwyn Judd says:

    Here I am still rocking iron swords and lazy boy had got steel mace's coming out his butt

  16. Salmon Fighter says:

    Lazyboy got kyne token, Froki goes to sovngarde and Haming can sleep on the bed now. All win lol

  17. Jordan Newbury says:

    I’m playing along with this walkthrough and having a bit of fun with it. Feel like I’m getting a bit ahead of myself though haha

  18. David Huston says:

    OMG Slack, Haming's mom is dead! She, and the father, died in Helgen during the Dragon attack. So insensitive. 😛

  19. Colin O'Dell says:

    ah another day made complete with major slack

  20. Lucas Conservani says:

    Please, consider doing a walkthrough on Skyrim Redone Mod (Skyre). Your insight of the game will make for a great viewing content. Pretty pleaseeee?

  21. Robert Turner says:

    Don't feel bad for Haming. He's just 3 potatoes, stacked on top of each other and wearing a Boy's Red Tunic.

  22. Shirley Curry says:

    I wouldn't have dreamed I would find this so much fun!! I love Lazy Boy, and the way you know where everything is at!!! As many times as I have played, I can't remember stuff like that! LOL

  23. Lander Buyens says:

    Poor Haming… First his dad died during the attack in Helgen. Then his grandfather Froki, who took him under his wing, is brutally murdered by the person who escaped Helgen without helping anyone, right before his eyes?! What a horrible person!

  24. Jacob Capper says:

    Weirdest Point/Stat spread I've ever seen in a dual wield warrior playthrough xD

  25. crankdatstereo says:

    Id say lazyboy le douche is a more fitting name

  26. Corey Jackson says:

    I didn't know about that "free" Orcish armor in the stronghold near Riften! Hmmm, I might have to go "acquire" that myself… (rubs hands together with a mischievous laugh)
    Thanks for showing us the way Slack!

  27. Concept says:

    Hey slack, newbie to your channel and have a question for you. I heard you say in another video that you dont use any mods besides a map mod. So you're not using the unofficial patch mod, then? Just curious since I'm wondering if some of the things you do would still be viable or not.

    Like using Anise's cabin as storage, or being able to trade that potato for a horse haha(didn't even know that was possible).

    Anyways, I'm really enjoying your videos so far. You've sucked me back into skyrim after a long hiatus. Keep up the good work 🙂

  28. Bob Builder says:

    Every video there's always 1 ass that thumbs down the video what's wrong with people

  29. Julie K says:

    You could have left the kid at least something to eat… a Mora Tapinella perhaps?

  30. The Major says:

    I mean wouldn't wearing the Orcish Plate be better than wearing the steel plate, due to lower weight… which means more stuff can be stol picked up…

  31. josh howells says:

    Slack has theee best walkthroughs out there

  32. Jerry Bailey says:

    I get that Trigger reference. And I like it.

  33. Fairnak says:

    What did you do with the 4 fly aminata and 10 imp stool from ep 5
    Edit: never mind you dumped them off. Is it bad the by ep 5 while following this walk though i had over 100 vegetable soup

  34. Shawn Gladue says:

    Years later Haming would tell the tale… of how a stranger walked into his home and murdered his father figure for a ring and necklace. The man was a deranged flower picking fisherman… he’ll never forget what the crazed man said… “slack… this is kinda messed up”

  35. Ragvar says:

    I have a question, not about the walkthrought.
    In Breeze Home, when i buy the bedroom furnishing and the alchemy laboratory, they don't appear in the house but Proventus take my money! I play in the Legendary Edition, some one know a mod to fix this?

  36. Imre Sebők says:

    Lazyboy gonna be fancyboy by the end of this sieries

  37. ChaosmanOne says:


  38. theHerbit says:

    squee! another Slack vid 🙂 <3 <3

  39. Gabriel Soares says:

    Muito obrigado, por fazer esses excelentes vídeos de um dos meus jogos favoritos, de uma forma tão magnífica.

  40. Daniel Smith says:

    Try the hardest difficulty on kingdom come

  41. mikealphaxray228 says:

    This is a kind of gaming guide and playthrough and live commentary I haven't seen on a video since 2014. Fantastic stuff, constantly entertaining. Please keep doing what you do!

  42. 1000 Subscribers With no videos says:

    Finally you slacker download another episode!
    Nice work!

  43. Jamie wimbleton says:

    Great video Slack, you know there are orc weapons in the hut in the strong hold as well as orichalcum ore in huts as well

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