Skyrim Mods: Rigmor of Cyrodiil – Part 3

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Just put the diary back where you found it!

Rigmor of Cyrodiil Special Edition:

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Skyrim Mods: Rigmor of Cyrodiil – Part 1

Zero Period Productions

“Village Consort” Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

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22 Responses

  1. cj57romulus says:

    Yes Innkeeper Colin is Michael GamerPoets.

  2. Wolfram dregaar says:

    Inside the tavern, drinking Beer holding a torch…:) love it

  3. wild Taurus says:

    Shit u make urs old I make my character young looking ps I'm 26 to me that's young

  4. James Parker says:

    Leaving her clothes all over the floor and not making her bed. Very realistic for a young person 😛

  5. Martin Fraile says:

    If the torches bother you just use the quick light mod

  6. Delphine 328 says:

    That picture at 12:50 is from the game Life is Strange. It's of the main protagonists, Max and Chloe.

  7. Xolcm says:

    Quick question: in regards to romancing Rigmor, does either mod include an option to tell her that you're married, or does the mod just ignore that?

  8. ODST Stingray187 says:

    I think of my character as late 20s

  9. DaWae420 Baggins says:

    Awesome video’s man! Keep iT up


    The third picture in Rigmor's house is from Life Is Strange. Max and Chloe are in it.

  11. peter Stefanak says:

    Dude thank you for all you are doing, I am going through some tough stuff in my life right now, but when I see you getting through your illness and problems, just to deliver some high quality content for us I am getting more inspired and hyped to do what I need to do, just keep on fighting, God bless you man

  12. For Redwall says:

    uploaded on my birthday thank you!

  13. Porcelain Pup says:

    Nice to know I'm not the only one who thinks their Dragonborns is more like 35+. That's why I have a habit of marrying my Dragonborn to the Dunmer fellow who tries to sell you cheap blackbier(sp?) mead and have you do a shipment. Tend to think mine is roughly in her 50s, cause why not?

  14. TeoAdventures says:

    12:50 That's a picture of Life is Strange, Max and Chloe lol

  15. Tremain Dzuimo says:


  16. Daniel g says:

    I like where this is going, I hope you stay on this route, and I always thought that the character creation let you pick the age based on complexion so the dragonborns age could be from 21 to late 60's.

  17. Yannkam 212 says:

    the Innkeeper, isn't that Michael from Gamerpoet ?

  18. Da Sauce says:

    we neeeeed more

  19. JoJo is not an anime says:

    Thank god u chose the right path also she is ugly

  20. ArvidGreat gaming says:

    you culd after you have playd this mod you can replay it but as lover/love part isntead

  21. 32 gigs says:

    Can you upload another today?
    We where just about to see Rigmor and there is not much gameplay in this one.

  22. Ariel Fetters says:

    You might want to look into the candlelight spell. It's a non mod spell so you should be able to get it, and it does the same thing as a torch but brighter, and for a solid minute assuming you don't mod for duration. It also leaves you a hand free after casting, meaning you can use bows or 2 handed weapons.

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