Skyrim Mods – Prostitutes of Skyrim

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Prostitutes of Skyrim by MannyGT:

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41 Responses

  1. Naeloo Pardayan says:

    This would work great in a hardcore build like Requiem overhaul with combat /injuries /needs mods…arriving into a city ,bruised and battered from the wilderness and laying off some steam with be most welcome.Not to speak of the regeneration bonus and a money sink in case of too much gold to drag arround.Cool ,immersive mod…

  2. Hermoáñ The Incredible says:


  3. Zes says:

    no such goldx, womx can b just worthlex

  4. A Compy says:

    This channel disgusts me,and no I'm not a feminist

  5. Anthony Lang says:

    this is funny

  6. Albin der Boss says:

    Top 10 stupid Mods…

  7. KidiX Nine - The Elder Scrolls & Fallout Lore says:

    this pleases my tunnel snake

  8. Amy Carter says:

    That's interesting. It would be a welcome boost,especially for the length of time the boost lasts (that's a VERY LONG time and all for 500 gold)…

  9. nuvi O2 says:

    I think you dont have a life…? its rly rly rly sad XD

  10. HC C says:

    Bethesda should just get over itself and let the nudity and sex stuff go. I mean there are decapitations, blood and plenty of other illicit stuff in it. Nexus is having a field day and it has only made the PC side WAY better. I mean they got people doing such talented animations and modeling that junk like furtopia and second life can't even come close to

  11. Headless Ghost says:

    Uff men, bad mod :v

  12. MagnumKeK says:

    They need to make this compatible with s GTA mod! You take the prostitutes to your carriage, and the wheels turn into hydraulics, as the carriage starts rocking.

  13. Freya Svensson says:

    Disliked for misleading thumbnail. This video is also entirely pointless. Nothing happens. You could have just said "this worthless mod lets you pay gold for some non-lore friendly bonuses!"

  14. Eirini Flessa says:


  15. ZiNG says:

    misleading thumbnail?

  16. No soy gay amigos lo juro says:

    I was expectating some partial-nudity and sexy sounds

  17. Dzh123 says:

    This probably sounds like a dumb excuse but I want this mod for role play purposes. Not cuz I want to beat off to it

  18. Adolf Hiter On a 'Roo says:

    So I was just watching some Gopher, and then I see THIS TITLE! WTF!?!?! Now no judging the mod, but wtf does this have to do with a race menu tattoo update?

  19. Angus Gondorberge says:

    could u giv me a link for that mod?

  20. Ryan says:

    the letter "j" in nordic is pronounced as a "y" when preceded by a consonant (i think it might be all the time, but i know it's pronounced as a "y" when there is a consonant in front of it). so "hjotra" would be pronounced "hyotra" with a short "h". it's pretty much pronounced "yotra" with a subtle "h" sound at the beginning. just think of the word "fjord", but replace the "f" with an "h"

  21. HassouTobi says:


  22. It Must Be RoofCake says:

    What first person mod are you using because it surely isn't Immersive First Person?

  23. Benign59MB says:

    This jusy seems like a waste of 500 gold to me.

  24. The Swaggasaurus says:

    what is that mod were you can see your body i realy want it

  25. Helliud555 says:

    could you please tell me what armor are you wearing?  🙂

  26. James North says:

    holy shit just get sexlab,

  27. Leafsomniac says:

    Looks neat, but what about the lover's embrace buff or something?(from sleeping with significant other)
    Looks cool though

  28. Komison says:

    What's the mod at 0:37? The where you can see your body and feet in first person.

  29. FiddyFiddy says:

    whats the armor mod u have?

  30. Difficulty Tweak says:

    oh no
    incoming feminists
    brace yourselves

  31. Andrej Macic says:

    what is new land mod is that texture? or…  dont know

  32. Taliesin Swordsage says:

    Outfit mod?

  33. George-Douglas Price says:

    Scandinavic rofl.

  34. TheScaleless says:

    And you obviously aren't either. (unless you're completely illiterate of your own language.) I am of nordic/scandinavian ancestry and I can list several words that prove it's true, for example Ja, which means Yes in several scandinavian/nordic and eastern european countries, including Sweden, Norway, Denmark, The Netherlands etc.. is actually pronounced as Ya. Then there's Jarl (yarl) Jeric,(yeric) Sjogren (shya-grens) etc.. too many to list.

  35. Kuragari says:

    I think it's joy of perspective. Haven't used it yet myself so not 100% sure on this.

  36. Andrew Mooseness says:

    500 gold!! jebus.. im dragon born, bitches be paying me! 😀

  37. Cow says:

    You pronounce it as Hjotra as Yotra

  38. TheHotboy47 says:

    (YA-erl) Jarl sound familier

  39. TheGamerField says:

    Damn, such a great Thumbnail!!!

  40. Slash Sasha says:

    amm dude how do i use mods in skyrim cause i dont know how to use it?
    pls help me

  41. Mason says:

    It would be funny if t had a 25% chance to give you a Std debuff.

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