Skyrim Mod Sanctuary – Part 2 : Thanks for the Memory

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Mods covered in this video:
1. Large Address Aware :

2. Interface Hard Coded Key Tweaks :

3. Skyrim Sunglare :

The music playing is the Sons of Skyrim from the official trailer.

This video is in no way associated or approved by Bethesda and is intended for non commercial educational purposes only.

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47 Responses

  1. Beedy KH says:

    Good ol' Gopher!

  2. Timbo says:

    Will this fix NPC’s and Followers that randomly start to float when I enter a dungeon? They don’t attack and won’t move; just start to float. My followers also just stay stagnant. I have no idea what’s going on…

  3. Sophia Snuggles says:

    You should probably explain what it does before telling us how to install it.

  4. Kurtis Haren says:

    Just a warning: none of the mods in this video are relevant anymore. The first two are no longer necessary, as stated by the in-video annotations. The "Skyrim Sunglare" mod also appears to have been removed from the Nexus site.

    Also, a quick tip. Some of these old links no longer work due to the Nexus URL having changed since they were put up. You can still reach the mod page by copying the mod ID number in the link, and pasting it over a current mod page's URL where the ID number goes. The URL may have changed, but the ID numbers have not.

  5. Joel says:

    What was the character in this videos name ? Apart from the mic, this is just as good quality as the latter videos of the series, even if it's not relevant anymore still very informative !

  6. eddiefonzarelli says:

    Are these still relevant today?

  7. Archivian says:

    the update annotation was much appreciated also.
    Thanks for doing the vids as they are useful even now

  8. Lewis Briese says:

    The Skyrim Sunglare has also been removed… 🙁

  9. Gary's Outlaw Taco Bandit says:

    i'm just going back and liking all of gophers vids.

  10. Althea Jansen van Vuuren says:

    Gopher, I really like the way you show everything about downloading mod.

  11. Astrid L. says:

    the sunglare mod is hidden

  12. texteel says:

    has it been patched in teh past 3 years, or we still need this one?

  13. DicloniusReport01 says:

    Large Address Aware is hidden by the author is there another tool that foes the same thing and able to download?

  14. Vida Burova - Barauskaite says:

    i just got fallout 3 and i am SUCH A N00B

  15. TheWelshOtaku says:

    the large address aware has been removed

  16. Steven Williamson says:

    Is this mod still needed? The author hid the file on the Nexus.

  17. Ehzvarious says:

    holy shit you sound way higher in voice back then

  18. Ryan Balentine says:

    this is no longer necessary because one of the updates allows skyrim to use upto 4gb. i believe that is why the author hid the file.

  19. Pwoodsy555 says:

    Is the CFF explorer (I think it's called) an alternative way to expand the available memory?

  20. chickenchicken35 says:

    Points for the Fall Out Boy reference 😉

  21. Mustard Gaming says:

    Isn't this patch you cab use up to 4gb correct or no? I use 64bit

  22. Exerminator2000 says:

    how many mods do you use on average?

  23. JediMasterGandalf says:

    What are your PC specs? I want to get a gaming PC, and I want to know if the PC I am looking at can handle modding for Skyrim.

  24. Graeme Duff says:

    love how the title is a reference to Fall Out Boy 😀

  25. PschoSeizure says:

    The 4GB patcher that lets you patch exes to use more memory (mentioned to do with a fallout game) would work in place of large address aware as far as I can tell
    unsure what it was called but it has an exe called 4gb_patch.exe and I have it lying on my desktop for any game that needs it

  26. Seven 7 says:

    Does the first mod work with new vegas?

  27. CQKhro says:

    Exactly 120K subs when im watching this lol! (120.000)

  28. Typhoonanator7 says:

    Your accent could cure cancer.

  29. Gandalf Grey says:

    Large Address Aware does not work hidden it on nexus

  30. TheTheSilencefire says:

    Is this for graphics memory or ram

  31. David Rodrigues says:

    Warning: bla bla bla something something please skip to 7:00…(FUCK THAT I WANT TO EAR HIS VOICE DAMMIT!)

  32. Dwayne Johnson says:

    You don't need address aware mod anymore! Bethesda had patched the game and added Coded Key Tweaks and large address aware.

  33. Freddie Hill says:

    If I am using SKSE and want to use the large address aware, should I use the SKSE.exe or the original skyrim.exe?

  34. LordBloodySoul says:

    The Sunglare looks really cool :O

  35. Morphling Morph says:

    For your first part of the video when you changed It to a rar. File do you need win rar

  36. FrenziedMango says:


  37. Impzorz says:

    He says that the large adress aware mod is no longer needed due to it being patched in the game already.

  38. FrenziedMango says:

    You haven't uploaded that video? Or am I missing out?

    And, since I just skipped till 07:00, what does this Large Address Aware mod do? Is it important?

    Please reply, thank you.

  39. skaruts says:

    About the 3rd mod, I have to stress one thing: These effects don't make games look cinematic, they actualy do the very oposite. In video and photography, every effort goes into trying to make things look as though they were NOT seen through a camera. This implies achieving the very opposite of what that mod does, and of what the game industry seems to be ignorantly fond of doing.
    To me these effects are immersion breaking, unless the character wears glasses or a visor. Not meritable.

  40. Stefan Vidosavljevic says:

    Can i get your opinion do i use skyrim hd texture mod beacuse this mod kills fps a lot

  41. swagster mcool says:

    how do i get update.esm

  42. Lekelly99 says:

    It doesn't but it will notify you when an update is released and you can download it easily.

  43. Predator00063 says:

    What happens if the mods update? Does the manager atuomaticly install the updates or do you have to redownload them. Currently i use Steam Workshop.

  44. MrZiva82 says:

    Nice work. Exact, short, step by step mod series. Thank you for you're time and videos.

  45. Clarkey says:

    doesnt matter i wouldnt as it takes up RAM

  46. Zenk says:

    Large Address Aware is no longer needed guys, it was patched into Skyrim a while ago. Same goes for the 4GB Skyrim mod.

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