Skyrim Master Chef% speedrun 4:55 world record

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Free WR tbh and I don’t care if someone beat my time. Have more fun with routing than actual running. ‘world record’ just stands as a bait

Timing starts when you gain full control of your character (camera and movement).
Timing stops when cook 5 different meals wearing Chef’s Hat and Chef’s Tunic.

– Text Glitch,
– Ctrl+PrtScn Hotkey,
– Console Commands,
– Mods.

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20 Responses

  1. Друган Обрыган says:


  2. Алексей Петров says:

    Че за херня?

  3. Uchiha Alvi says:

    I would still be editing my character.

  4. Luke Templeton says:

    You got all these views yet you still only have 4,000 and so subs

  5. EinLangerAberNichtZuLangerName says:

    Beating Alduin with some food

  6. Elite Noob says:

    How are you running that fast?

  7. Crippling Depression says:

    hmm,every comment here has lots of likes,is this your doing Coomba?

  8. TheFireWolfJMV says:


  9. Allod Compressor says:

    For what?
    Это же грёбаный идиотизм. Для чего так быстро готовить? К тебе что, задроты-преступники в дом пришли и сказали что если ты это не сделаешь, они тебя убьют?

  10. Slarkel Rijit says:

    3:15 My stomach is feeling funny over witnessing this fall o_o

  11. Jhonny says:

    What's Ctrl+PrntScreen hotkey and why is it banned?

  12. MovieStudio620 says:

    What is Master Chef? A quest? An achievement?

  13. CJ Johnson says:

    Im here cause ESO. Nice speed runs man.

  14. Jason Vincent says:

    I'm gonna try this on vanilla ps3. Hold my beer.

  15. Caleb Smith says:

    I feel like he's running way too fast.

  16. Roberto says:

    He's moving so fast at the beginning I can't actually tell what he's doing

  17. Ben D says:

    Fuck the gormet. This is the only chef skyrim needs.

  18. ejano Crowsnatcher says:

    for a good 4 minutes i thought that was a typo, how could it be chef?? then he started picking foods lol

  19. CATAHA 07 says:

    Чуствуйте чем пахнет?

  20. Dernilsinger says:

    "Timing stops when cook 5 different meals wearing Chef's Hat and Chef's Tunic." dafuq lol

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