Skyrim Lore: Daedric Secrets!

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In the third episode of Skyrim Lore, we discover the mystical past of the Daedra. What are daedra exactly? Where do they come from? Why do they want to kill us? It’s a secret to everybody, except us!

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49 Responses

  1. Kayleigh Brown says:

    ….I…I just wanna build my house.

  2. Androidigon says:

    And thus begins my 2 month long over obsession with skyrim that comes every 3 years. Gotta rewatch all you videos now buddy

  3. Small Tech Media says:

    Where this information is coming from???? I mean what is the authenticity?

  4. Austin Lego says:

    Anakin and padmae? <_<

  5. Cool dude Not Jim Pickens says:

    I’m so lame I don’t have xbox live

  6. Pietroswim says:

    So Padme and Ani made the Elder Scrolls universe…Sounds legit

  7. Jamie Hill says:

    Wait question hypothetically if say a deadra and an aedra had a kid would that technically make a deadra then an aedra by the elves logic?

  8. Sour Lord says:


  9. Sky Talon says:

    if you ask me a daedra is pretty much a NPC version of a player who does all of the bad options in a game.
    "do terrible things because they are bored"
    "don't truly exist in the world"

  10. Davin Stott says:

    The way you pronounce aedra and daedra is so wierd

  11. Irritable Jon Syndrome says:

    Daedra are very VERY similar to gandalf, sauron and the balrog in tolkiens world.

  12. Up And Across says:

    How does maridea fit into the dark side when she is all about light.

  13. Syafiq Nizar says:

    Is Alduin considered a daedra since we can only kill him in Sovngarde

  14. Titnibler 210 says:

    Is just me cuz I hear him saying padme

  15. Arkham Wrath says:

    So lost at 01:49 – how to mention Akatosh before mention Tosh Raka ( (R)Aka Tosh ), and his success to transform into world greatest DRAGON !!!

    Its still after all this years stupid to guessing how all and everything comes to be… when we never get any official story about religion from Akaviri, and in what Po' Tun believe and what are they explanation of creation !!!

  16. Chad Goings says:

    the moon does not follow the path of the sun in skyrim

  17. Damian Vico says:

    Does this mean that when you shoot a sunhallowed arrow at the "sun" you're actually asking the gods to "punch" your enemies?


  18. Tyler Horton says:

    BTW. If you really wanna know about Skyrim Lore. Just look up the original culture of the Sumarians that eventually lead to the wide spread of all christian religions, and a few others like judaism was influenced as well, but the text in Skyrim is the same as the text the Sumarians used, and the Gods are, well not ALL the same, but Anu was their god and he did have a sister but her name wasn't padame I can't remember her name right now I'd have to read on it again, but the Basic outline of the Aedra and Daedra is how their religion system worked, along with how races work in this game is how it worked in their day to day lives, they were like a past version of today, constant war over simple BS like what god to worship, and what other people are doing is wrong, and even some who tried to tell others that they will be executed for believing in that god, guess this world has actually always been this way, but it's still really cool how they made such little changes between the religions other than certain God names were changed. Mehrunes Dagon was a real God, and was a Traitor, but his name is Dagon in Sumarian Text. Hmmm… All the God's names were altered except a few were only slightly changed or had an added name. Kinda like the God Anu made first, which in their story wasn't Akatosh, but he was the first God to save humanity and told them to escape the garden and hide, he told them to put leaves and vines over their bodies to hide from Anu or he would destroy them. Idk the god's name that is basically Herma Mora's name but i do know he was the god of Knowledge, and was seen kinda as Satan from the christian's stories, but she or he was also Anu's greatest friend which upset his sister, she revolted and made some very dark beings and planned to destroy his humans and his creations of power, but Inki (Akatosh i guess), was the first to throw himself to the Earth to save the humans, many other God's left as they knew that Anu would not deny his sister again. The war would wage on for years and years. When the God planet Nibaru comes down to Earth Anu and his sister are supposed to reunite, his best creation "Mora" , was then slain by his sister, but because he was created by his sister as well, beings as she was around before he favored him, she spared a part of him, and only burned his heart from his chest because only Anu's people had hearts. After Inki though, many other God's came here that were trapped here by Anu's sister, and they slowly were losing power, so they all inhabited the skies and waters and mountains and more even the Evil beings who were sent by his sister couldn't leave just like your lore. It's said, that Anu is a blue star and his sister is a red star, which would mean his sister is older than him, but he was always more skilled than her, so she depended on him. When he wasn't there, she couldn't handle it. When the war reeks havoc on Earth or whatever it was they called this place back then…, they said that the earth will be cleanse with fire, but it talks of some kinda healing power it has, that the fire is to clean the souls, that only the evil beings with no understanding of good would be put to rest eternally. When they come down though, it is said that the earth will burn for millennium after millennium. And it would restart with a brand new paradise. Makes sense if we're gonna be hit by not two stars, but two planets, the earth would burn everything within 3 hours, the debris from the planets combining into one would slowly get faster at punching the surface of the molten earth and only heat it up more and more, eventually the earth would get so hot it would glow and the water that was there would then float as clouds [steaming hot]. the water would rain and evaporate quite often because the atmosphere can only hold so much water and it's the natural way of cooling down the planet, and it also kinda cleans the debris in the atmosphere's air. Eventually the earth would cool, and it would be significantly bigger than before either with rings/many moons/ no moons/ personal asteroid belt, that would be a risk of semiannual showers. The water would settle back finally, the water would fill and make cracks and holes in the earth, the dinging from multiple asteroids/planets would mean a total different terrain, plant life would eventually start from the bacteria from any that survived and eventually germs and cells and more would start evolving, but this time, since it made so much last time, it would probably mean that it would be a total chance of NO humans ever again, but maybe a better evolved beings especially since the cells were coming from past cells of other things. The earth would be hot, but thing would be preserved, if water can stay here, and dinosaurs bones can be pulverised by a meteor, and even kept under pressure, which causes heat, by being under the ground, and still not be turned to dust, then I'm sure a Heat loving bacteria would love the under molten rock area.

  19. Tyler Horton says:

    Explain the Herma Mora/ Hermaeus Mora thing then. Herma Mora is an Aedra, but he's the Master of Knowledge, and his sister is Mephala. Now, we don't know if Hermaeus Mora is Herma Mora, but he is the Prince of Knowledge… that's all we got on him, and the fact that he's been here since our original existence I believe at least, but I know he was here when Kynareth provided the ability to speak in dragon tongue and even when Akatosh blessed them with the dragon born, because remember he locked away Miraak. Oh, and not to mention Hermaeus Mora is a Daedra, and he is known as ruthless to many. You may correct me if I'm wrong, but I learned that ruthless means forgotten/ignored/shunned/stranger/desolate/isolated/insane/alone /secluded/lonely/mentally**(not in any offensive ways) ill/grouchy/crabby/moody/old/know-it-all/or just evil. Which in theory would mean he's not capable of good, so by theory he could be a descendant of Herma Mora and maybe was named from him. I just know that… omg I just put it together. Herma Mora was the Aedra that one of the Divines I think took his heart out of his chest and placed it in the volcano to burn, but it killed Herma Mora when she removed his heart (and a lot of times in old stories like this [even in games] the God's, when they say, "Died… Death… Kill…" it usually means "rebirthed" in some way, he could have had Anu's part of him removed from him i guess now that I think about it, and when someone is changed they are usually renamed, so maybe Hermaeus Mora, knows a lot more than we even think he did, and he said himself, that he is limited on certain knowledge. Could be the part he's hiding, or even worse don't remember. Maybe I'm just fan fictioning some of the end.

  20. Sir Cranium says:

    Then why do the moons move if they are holes?

  21. Orange says:

    Where is the allmaker in all this?

  22. lumber jack says:

    What’s the music at 3:54

  23. IBoczek says:

    Azura is deadra or aedra?

  24. Deus Ex Machina Games says:

    Thank you mr. Rex I figured that the plains of Oblivion were part of the Void there for nothingness me and my buddy or in an RP Discord server and his characters supposed to be The Offspring of God capital G o d and I'm role playing as well a Daedric prince call deus ex machina Deus for short and my buddy says that God can erase the void and I'm like I don't think that's right it's nothingness that's impossible right

  25. Edgar Allan says:

    You can kill a Daedra?

  26. UpliftBoar says:

    Their demons that's what they are. Before you started the whole video. Number 40 seconds before.

  27. Dovakin 3004 says:


  28. Ren Kassing says:

    Probably the worst voice for lore.

  29. KillerGymSox says:

    This isn't skyrim lore, this is elder scrolls lore.

  30. Charlie Brown says:

    I give my seal of approval.

  31. Simon Johansson says:

    Whats the tune at the end?

  32. MMA MASTER says:

    Rex is sorta wrong. The nine divines are not meager lest compared to other spirits. There are lesser far like dremora that are far less powerful than the nine divines.

  33. Caleb Sargent says:

    Brah adrea were indeed stronger, reason for it is during the battle between padomay and anu its padomays blood that makes the deadra, anu makes Magnus the sun aka (magic) and these two mixed in the middle makeing adrea. It wasint until they gave the power they had to make nern that the deadra then posed a threat. deadra can take souls to manifest there realm makeing them stronger when you take into account adrea magic makes the world the deadra are takeing it. The soul of padamay becomes sithus and anu becomes anui-el.

  34. Shade Shaadent says:

    My curiosity is now peaked as to the other Deadra out there and if were gonna see more pop up in up coming elder scrolls games (if so I have afew ideas)

  35. Benjamin Wixson says:

    The only truth to the lore can be told by the creator himself

  36. Benjamin Wixson says:

    Alright let me get something clear this isn't lore fact all he is doing is saying bullshit because it is people like him who assume stuff because they want it to be real

  37. Michael Hughes says:

    Where is the soul cairn

  38. Jordan Kerr says:


  39. Ramón González-Arango says:

    This is so interesting. Thank you

  40. michael romelus says:

    You Sir deserve a like

  41. Zay Vevo says:

    Obliiiviiiooon Daeedra, Aeedra, muundus??? No.

  42. Chirag Goswami says:

    ahh so deadra are the most powerful but not when they are in mundas
    but outside of mundas they would swat the aedras like flies.
    so oblivion crisis if successful would've fucked the world of mundas because dagon would've entered the mundas as in full form not weakned one.

  43. Agent Smith says:

    That picture of the Void and Aetherius and so on is false because Mundus is actually surrounded by Oblivion which is actually the dark sky you see at night and Oblivion is surrounded by Aetherius which you can kinda see since Magnus and Magna-gi tore through Oblivion into Aetherius. The Void surrounds Aetherius

  44. [DATA EXPUNGED] says:

    One does not simply walk into oblivion.

  45. Linty says:

    Why does no one make a video about dremora lore

  46. Jake S says:

    Da ay dras !!!!!

  47. Shimada Gaming says:

    Daedra is plural Daedra sorry that I'm right

  48. iBuDdY1000 says:

    so are dremora just deadric soldiers? that part just confusses me…

  49. Azam Samsudeen says:

    For ur hard work bro u get my sub 😀

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