Skyrim: Dragonborn – Main Title Theme Classical Guitar Cover

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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – Dragonborn – Main Title Theme – A Classical (Fingerstyle) Guitar Cover
-Music composed by Jeremy Soule
-Arranged and performed by Nathan Mills

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34 Responses

  1. massivemuffin Gaming says:

    woahw 1:47

  2. Bogdan Kabargin says:

    Why are you starting playing like a bullshit at 1:10 ?

  3. Warrock Lord says:

    Привет от русских, бро ) Ты крут )

  4. Gah Fawkes says:

    hey, i was looking for you, got a letter
    it was from a guy but i hardly took a look at him, maybe i was just on a rush from all those dragons and stuff

  5. Milča Pokorná says:

    Amazing. ♥
    Well done! :))

  6. FlyDee says:


  7. Kevin W. says:

    what guitar is that?

  8. Kerrie Kupar says:

    By the Gods!!

  9. Dallas Jezowski says:

    gave me chills

  10. monkey dude says:


  11. Jola John says:

    Suuuper 🙂 Piękne wykonanie brawo 🙂

  12. Daniel Vega says:


  13. Sebastian Hackl says:

    Awesome! Love it witch tuning? (:

  14. Avana says:

    Cheater, nobody plays this good, you've committed a crime under section, uhm, Guitarists Shall Not Play Too Good Songs A4, please turn in your guitar for further inspection to the closest ISubscribeNow store, thank you for cooperating.

    Goddamnit, my guitar will hate me in a few weeks :s

  15. Gino Crute says:

    I'd replace Sonir with you in a heartbeat. The doors of Windstad Manor are always open to you.

  16. Dean Wincher says:

    Guitar brings joy in your eyes brother…it's showing…Great cover!!

  17. Alexander van Arem says:

    I am really amazed! This is sooo good! Thank you!

  18. Fisnik Cekaj says:


  19. Pepe the Frog says:

    Please make a tutorial!!!!

  20. Brian Ogletree says:

    Subscribed !! Awesome cover dude

  21. Michael Rehman says:

    Cant you see he`s the man? Let me hear you applaud! He is more than a man, he`s a shiny golden god!

  22. Dimitrios Kostouros says:

    AWESOME !! !

  23. Lee Cander says:

    Where it goes back into your main theme gave me all the feels. I'm an electric player but have decided to start learning classical fingerstyle guitar!

  24. Arthur Fernandes says:

    when someone asks me the definition of "perfection"

  25. Timothy Misner says:

    dang those hands are hella graceful

  26. Liam Mocs says:

    You should do this for morrowind's theme it would work much better

  27. Andrew Coulbourne says:

    Hey, how do you stretch ur hand 6 frets?

  28. Merlin The Wizard says:

    Could you send me the cords for this? It's fucking brilliant dude

  29. Rand0m495 says:

    47 dislikes? Fuck out of here my mans is Talos himself

  30. tadeo risotto says:

    Dude the tab costs money wtf

  31. Inputskyline says:

    They don't teach you this in the bard's college must not be from skyrim may be vallenwood

  32. Iosif Stalin says:

    oh gosh what id give to play like this

  33. dank vanguard says:

    can we please get a 1 hour versio

  34. FaDe Ob3y says:

    Watching this after watching 'guitar' by funtwo suddenly makes this look doable to me

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