Skyrim: Bowsette Nexxis :D

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The clothing mods is available on Nexus.
Credits: GrimSovereign and Bein for the mods creation!

This is only a review video!

My mod site:
Flickr:[email protected]/

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7 Responses

  1. Cassie Neal says:

    Dang you make me wish I had a gaming PC!!!!


  2. xays says:

    there a path for that clothes bowser turtleback pack in ou interest here i left the link

  3. Mr SkyrimGTX says:

    Maont user banned.
    I don't know what is your problem my friend but next time think before write someting.

  4. xays says:

    heheh sexy )=P

  5. Ty 2000 says:

    Dead ass if you can make a real bowsette follower that's bae

  6. rang3r34 says:

    BOING!! So darn sexy!!! I love it!!!

  7. AlexTheFun says:

    I have questions do you use nmm or MO ? What do you suggest me because i want to mod too

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