Skyrim ~ Block & Bash Guide

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Skyrim Block & Bash Guide. Blocking and Bashing your way to victory.

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40 Responses

  1. Carlos Rodriguez says:

    I never block I beat the game at level 15 but I keep going cuz it's so fun and the perks I put I didn't have that much

  2. KiBlast 117 says:

    Does anyone else remember being able to knock down giants with the shield charge?

  3. Bhusta Cap says:

    Ive notived that the game doesnt care about certain skills with sheild in their wording also working with 2h. So far ive tested that the perk that disarms and the perk that lets you move faster while holding up a sheild both work with 2h. This makes me wonder if the arrow one that maxes block also maxes 2h block? Anyone know?? Would be appreciated.

  4. Gustavo Alverez says:

    Bethesda is such trash lol wtf

  5. ZekeMagnum says:

    Does that sheild-''exploit'' still work in 2018 with the 2016 edition?


    I play with PC and usually PC games have a lot bugs. And since Skyrim has thousands of bugs, and one of these bugs is related to the same shield skill When i updayt the quick reflexes skill for the shield, it's usully to slowly be about 3 to 4 seconds But in my game this time from 3 secend change to hours, it means a game of intense bug. And it's no longer possible to choose me at the shield, and never update this skill.

  7. I Your Ancestor says:

    blocking only starts to matter on expert mode. makes every large fight feel like you can lose if you're not actually in it. i got hired thugs when i was level 5. that felt like a fucking dark souls boss fight. i was actually timing different attacks and blocks.

  8. Ron Strowd says:

    9:39 – " Regardless, it's still a great way to make up for loss resist If you choose the lesser races to play "
    Racism confirmed

  9. Guitarded says:

    other skyrim tip videos are trash compared to this guy's info.

  10. Carmelita McFox says:

    The shield charge bug isn't pached, there is a way to fix it, even when not playing on pc. The Dragonborn DLC allows you to unlock an option to remove all perks from a skill tree, without resetting the skill level. Simply remove all perks from block and put them back. That allows you to use shield charge again.

  11. AmazingArends says:

    Still looking for a REALLY BASICS video on Skyrim combat but all of them seem to be advanced tips like this one.

  12. Spinexus says:

    What is a def mage? A battlemage or shield and spell?

  13. Mark Humphreys says:

    So blocking stacks with armor

  14. Nerfs Are Important says:

    If there's one thing I've learned it's to never trust a perk. Seriously, are they meant to mislead?

  15. Mike Shaver-Miller says:

    I like using Restoration and the Rally Spells to become the ultimate support character. With the Respite perk, you can power bash then cast a healing spell to buy more time and stamina.

  16. felicie mike says:

    bethesda shooting down mods let everyone no….

  17. Luke Kinder says:

    Just found your channel and I am so happy that I did. So many lies in Skyrim’s descriptions of perks make my life way easier whenever I play it again.

  18. Rayan Lima says:

    Why he is opening the menu everytime he blocks?

  19. Z A B E R says:

    Skyrim Fucked my Life

  20. Lupus DarkSword says:

    So is the arrow bug in skyrim special edition too? Cuz this is my first ever block character and if I can get away with 4 extra skill points I will

  21. Leto85 says:

    Combine the Targe of the Blooded with the Ebony Mail and a dual casted Fire Cloak spell to do some serious dot rampage. You can simply have Close Wounds ready in your right hand to heal every small incoming damage while you bash and sap the opponents health away.

  22. Jarrod Pruitt says:

    Hella good video, explains it all.

  23. HT says:

    11:38 what with that moan

  24. Lorcan Rowley says:

    Can anybody tell me if Deflect arrows is still bugged in Skyrim SE? That is to ask, does selecting the deflect arrows perk still set the damage reduction to maximum regardless of the weapon that is used to make the attack against your character in Skyrim SE?

  25. Michael J. Caboose says:

    How is the nord sword legendary?

  26. Elaquardia says:

    May I ask If or when they patch it will you update your video so your veiwers know. I really like your informative videos No one else goes into depth as much as you TY

  27. Scare Crow says:

    You dead? I hope not…

  28. Tax Tic says:

    You respond to these comments? I have some questions.

  29. Jack Haehl says:

    Is the shield bash bug in special edition?
    The sneak sprint one and the one where it doesn't work?

  30. Undergravity downforce says:

    if u are up agaist forsworn and ur toast hold up ur shield and hope one of them does a dual power attack or if ur lucky and 2 or more people do power attacks it will stack the effect of slow motion and u can out even up to 3/6 times as many attack depending weather or not u get 2 times or 3 time as 3 times is Soo much slower also extra useful to mages as they will have time to switch to dual casting and make use of the impact perk and stun All the enemies

  31. Jack Crater says:

    Is that shield charge perk bug fixed now?

  32. Joseph Sin says:

    And here I was thinking block was a crappy skill, I've been trying to work on my block for so long and I haven't gotten anywhere with it. Time to add and remove some perks

  33. sebs says:

    Best Skyrim guide videos, hands down.

  34. Angels fan says:

    do these videos still work for the PS4 remastered edition?

  35. okrajoe says:

    Good tips – thanks.

  36. Shnimberz says:

    Some info on here is outdated. He mentions at 4:11 that Deflect Arrows perk deflects 85% of all damage. This was patched and is no longer true.

  37. Mr. Unethical says:

    I prefer this guy over ESO so much more

  38. Joshua Billings says:

    anyone know what happened to pms?

  39. Lunick Martins says:

    Quick Reflexes + Block Runner= Sharingan! It's like a dodging skill for close combat, without needing the TK Dodge mod 😀

  40. Charles Baudelaire says:

    What about the perk on the alteration three which absorbs magika effects from spells when blocking ? Does it work with weapon too or it's just for shield ?

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