Skyrim Awesome Items – How to get the Ancient Shrouded Armour

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Time for another set of awesome items, this time around its the Ancient Shrouded Armour


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30 Responses

  1. shellshock says:

    Females have the mouthpiece for the armor. Males do not. Does that solve peoples questions?

  2. dominque dudink says:

    The mask looks different in the inventory, putting it on my character i litteraly see nothing, just the naked head of my character???

  3. Steven Swicegood says:

    i think the shrouded armor set is to skin tight on the character it looks like pajamas

  4. john hicks says:

    I didn't have to do the dark brotherhood mission bonus.

  5. Jordan Shane Nolan says:

    What race are you ?

  6. Leon Morris says:

    On the Kajit the Ancient Shrouded cowl will not show on the character. Because of this you can equip both cowls at the same time and get both bow increases. I will then equip the ancient shrouded gloves and boots to get the 25% armor bonus and I get to wear the Nightingale armor for the increase in stamina. It is a nice exploit for the Kajit. Plus the Nightingale armor looks better.

  7. ExileProdigy says:

    ugh! my shrouded cowl, when i equip it it doesnt even show it on my charecter even though its equiped please reply with a helpful comment!

  8. Rockismylife says:

    where is this place ? ."

  9. Kainomura says:

    Dissapointed. Eh.. I don't even like their design choice for Shrouded Armour. It's like wearing the a tight leather suit. Nightingale and Guild master armour looks better.

  10. David Linehan says:

    where do u get the shrouded cowl with the mask? please help thanks

  11. It's so sad, can we hit feminists? says:

    Why getting the ancient shrouded gloves when you can kill Cisetro ( the jester ) and getting his gloves, they are both same.

  12. Jacks Flame says:

    actually you can get the same enchantments on diff gloves…In the darkbrotherhood sanctuary near the robes at the front is the Shrouded handraps which does double sneak attack damage with one handed weapons..the only downside is that it has 0 armour but you can just make it better :3

  13. sorry e says:

    You dont really help.
    i think all prefer if you explain it by gameplay
    No words

  14. Isaac Aziz says:

    how is a male character wearing the mask with the shrouded armor?

  15. Ronnie Hill says:

    its part of the head clothing

  16. 10496bobby says:

    Skyrim is fun no matter what year it is. I actually got the game a few months ago

  17. Antonio Johansson says:

    and 2013

  18. Isaac Aziz says:

    how do you get the face mask with the shrouded armor?

  19. Big Hoss says:

    I got it because adds go off on the side and they play sound and I have to wait sooo

  20. Rave. ‖ UK Drill says:


  21. Seth Tear says:

    Im a pretty enthusiastic person and I have too entertain people a lot so b4 u act like you know shit about someone don't act like a smart person… cause trust me I record a lot of games and its does not take away any of the pleasure of playing the game!

  22. Seth Tear says:

    lol wtf why should they deserve to sit around and play video games and earn money while the rest of us have to work our ass off to get a paycheck

  23. psychoknight says:


  24. Brandon Garcia says:

    What characters can be masked? Cause my dark elve is not masked whle wearing the cowl

  25. Preston Thornton says:

    i cant get a reading, she keeps saying from me to leave

  26. Phoenix Flamond says:

    still playing 2013

  27. Bloodwolf1995 says:

    nah, i got the Worn set from dawn star, so its not garunteed

  28. Yerp Derp says:

    >:I no.

  29. FrostTW9990 says:

    It's also in the dawn star sanctaury

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