Skyrim: 5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know You Could Do – The Elder Scrolls 5: Secrets (Part 16)

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Skyrim takes players to a vast frozen world wherein anything from defeating Dragons to saving an empire is a possibility. However, with The Elder Scrolls 5 being over seven years old now, many players may finally be beginning to question if they’ve tackled everything Skyrim has to offer. So today we’ll be taking a look at five more things you (probably) didn’t know you could do in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim.

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47 Responses

  1. Trena Trapp says:

    I love your content so goooooood

  2. Elijah Valongo says:

    Bro you're one of the best content creators

  3. Hunter Otte says:

    I liked the thirsk mead quests, so many options.

  4. Eru Rōraito says:

    Anyone knows what ENB he uses?

  5. Christopher Andresen says:

    What is this graphic mod you use?

  6. Kyla Webb says:

    If you're a member of the thieves guild you can tell brynolf about the plot to steal from maven and unlock unique dialogue there too.

  7. padderson says:

    i know those extremely priced whores

  8. James Miller says:

    i killed grelog before i even knew about the dark brotherhood quest simply cause i hated her

  9. Dahlmasen says:

    Murdered to death❤️

  10. TheGamingTemplar says:

    What graphics mod is he using in this video? Looks dope af

  11. Connor Duncan says:

    Love the videos Nate! Inspired me to do another Skyrim playthrough!

    Also had a suggestion for something you “probably didn’t know you could do”.

    During the “Blood on the Ice” quest in Windhelm, if you find the Strange Amulet in the house I forget the name of and sell it to Calixto, you can pickpocket him and sell it back to him. Might be more of an exploit than a fun fact, but I thought it was prettt funny! Also not sure if you’ve done a video with this in it or not – I admittedly haven’t watched each one! Shame on me haha.

    Thanks again for the awesome content!

  12. smitie de combatcrafter says:

    what mods are you using epicnate?

  13. Cynical Demon says:

    Kuvar goes MGTOW

  14. Radwell II W says:

    I baked the Reiking

  15. millardsglory says:

    BUt nate, what if she attacks in the thirstmead thing. and you just run away?
    will there be new dialogue?

  16. Cy Quinn says:

    How do i make my game look like yours its gorgeous!

  17. leviathan says:

    Lol how tf do i get the graphics up like that??

  18. Galvanax Gaming says:

    But what happens when you side with the goblins?!

  19. MrNickanator Washere says:

    When you first approach whiterun, and the companions are fighting the giant outside of town, you can pickpocket the whiterun gate key off of them and walk inside without the guards permission.

  20. Alex Crossland says:

    2 lines of slightly altered dialogue is not a new thing to do.

  21. Maniac Magge says:

    Man dude if it's taken 7 years to do these videos your never going to go out of work with the next Elderscrolls

  22. Harrison Appelyb says:

    "murdered him to death"….. nice english

  23. UlithiumDragon says:

    The only one I didn't know about was the civil war one, but then I dislike that BS and have rarely ever done those quests.
    Also, the last one isn't really a hidden option, since the scenes you talk about happen as part of the linear branching path through the story.

  24. SoulDemon says:

    Something I just found out about 5 minutes ago is at Sacellum of Boethiah is that if you kill all of the cultists Boethiah will appear to you and still start the quest line. Should probably take out the mage first.

  25. Liam Allen says:

    i do hope he realises that murder to death is bad grammar

  26. Wyatt Brooks says:

    Can you not get hrothmunds blessing yourself?

  27. Fox Scar says:

    Just watching daily skyrim stuff

  28. Cool dude Not Jim Pickens says:

    The first thing I knew cause I saw your dialogue menu

  29. ohlsenful says:

    Who would ever attack the dragon born ??? Stupid stupid stupid

  30. Hector DeMoolon says:

    ereh etaN syug gniog ti si woh yeh

  31. yurgon 99999 says:

    i joined the imperials and ended the civil war, then i joined the dark brotherhood and killed the imperial king XD

  32. yurgon 99999 says:

    picking the reiklings side of the quest is better. because every now and then when you're in combat on solstheim, 1-3 reikling warriors will spawn in to help you

  33. Bence Hajdu says:

    If you side with the rieklings, is it possible to recruit one of them to the blades? 😀

  34. Kathaleen Wood says:

    Murder them to death? Hmm

  35. Disciple1Actual says:

    Hey Nate, love the Skyrim content! I found a tiny detail that you may be interested in. In the dawnguard dlc, should you align with the dawnguard, during the quest "Kindered Judgement" where you and Serana confront Lord Harkon, he will accuse you of turning his daughter against him. You'll be given a dialogue menu. If you exit the menu without responding, you'll unlock a unique line from Harkon that says "Little time for talk? Good. Let's end this!" And begin attacking you.

  36. Teresa hikes says:

    ooh love the fallout dig.

  37. John Clarke says:

    I was watching a show about elephant research, and one cry of an elephant was either the sound used for an angry dragon, or the dragon roar was dubbed in to make the scene more dramatic.

  38. Dragon Star says:

    Hey Nate
    What mods do you use?

  39. Oyama Toayei says:

    I dont know that after all this time you manage to find things that i dont know about in skyrim everytime

  40. FromPlsNerf says:

    I didn't know about the throwable spiders

  41. FromPlsNerf says:

    My name is also N8

  42. Noah Aregood says:

    The first time I played Skyrim I killed Grellod just cuz I thought she was a disgustingly cruel old woman. Turns out much later that I just happened to need to do that for the Dark Brotherhood lol.

  43. Nicolas Navia says:

    In the golden claw have Camila Lead you out side and then kill her without any witnesses and once you return the golden claw you will get special dialogue form the shop keeper

  44. doubleAiden says:

    i ONLY killed grelod before speaking to aventus, i have done the quest about 8-10 times 😛

  45. Michel Angelo says:

    i’ve never played skyrim so odds are this whole list will be new to me

  46. Anne Andresen says:

    Dont know if you know this, but a few days ago i noticed that in the jarls Hall in dawnstar, up in joric’s room (the child that gets lost sometimes) is a book right at the foot of his bed. Its the argonian Maid pt 2. Thought that was pretty funny for a kid to have

  47. Raphael Osiris says:

    What are the texture mods that are in the video , and they exist in the ps4 mod list ?

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