Skyrim 2 Multiplayer – (A Fallout 76 Special Edition Mod)

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If Skyrim 2 Multiplayer (Funny Fallout 76 Mod)!
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39 Responses

  1. RedRoachDK says:

    Couldn't understand everything Zero Lenny said, but here's what I could hear (Swearing WILL occur):

    "Good day ???


    "I'm fucking sick of hearing about fucking Ulfrick Stormcloak How's he fucking .. Oh.. How's he fucking commissioning this war? How is he doing that? Makes no fucking sense!He say he's fights for men, and the people in his arms don't give a fucking shit. How's he doing that?


    "No, I fucking mean it. He's a scruffy bellend. Why do people fucking like him? Have you seen the way he sits in that fucking chair with his arms bent like that, it's fucking weird.


    "What's he doing knocking about in that fucking castle, eh, doing fucking no. Says he help on the fuck… Is he def.. Does he fuck help on the war? He just sits in his fucking castle like a fucking prick.

    Can't understand the last sentence while he walks away..

  2. marc shivashanti says:

    Cool mod though

  3. marc shivashanti says:

    Your banter is pointing out the obvious its dry

  4. L U M B A G O says:

    I used to like Bethesda like you. Then I took a fallout 76 to the knee

  5. KelpyG Shakes says:

    Is that Waffle I heard near the beginning?

  6. S0mb3r says:

    Kinda late but ZeroLenny is a YouTuber and he’s known for his dark souls videos

  7. bevis 316 says:

    Please sir, some more….

  8. bevis 316 says:

    This one has wares for your perusal, hey what are you doing? stop, put me down.

  9. -Vale - says:

    "How bad is this game?"

    Someone made an entire mod pack to take the piss out of it.

    "That's bad"

    There was some fallout.

  10. simply oranges says:


  11. Firehawk Gaming says:


  12. Tommy Downes says:

    Is it bad how i knew everything zero lenny was saying

  13. WUBBLA1 says:


  14. Seledoon army says:

    I love 76 but im open minded this was hilarious.

  15. Nolan Chez says:

    PewDiePies British brother

  16. laflugantabastardo says:

    What's the source on the video? It's not in the description box.

  17. victor neutzling says:

    pewdiepie now has a skyrim channel too?

  18. Not an npc says:

    I feel offended

  19. T&DubbleG says:


  20. Dan Pierce says:

    When I go to the mod list at the website it says I need to sign in in order to view it. When I do so, it backs out and says, “sorry, you need to be signed in to access this content”. So even though I signed in it still gives me this pop up. Any ideas?

  21. polus134 says:

    2 fps video

  22. Daniel Byrne says:

    Eso Zero Lenny is a youtuber

  23. NewsofPE says:


  24. Lion von Adern says:


  25. BeagleBear Gaming says:


  26. r1Ns3 says:

    Google Skyrim Together. It is coming soon.

  27. Manuel Camelo says:

    Pls some Woman give her vagina to the Creator of this Amazing Mod :')) :,))

  28. JOHNNY HORTON says:

    That blue guy sounded like Boomhower on king of the hill

  29. Erik Irgens says:

    There hasn't been a week since FO:76's launch that there hasn't been new bad press about something Bethesda did horribly. This is better than banter, it's shitting on them.

  30. SoMeGuY bRo says:

    Search for a team m8

  31. ITS A DIO says:

    Yes please lmao

  32. DarthRaver86 86 says:

    He wasnt swimming he was flapping his wings like a chicken lol. Lmfao i can see todd playing this and laughing and crying at the same time lol.

  33. Frze says:

    Seems more fun that Fallout 76 itself

  34. Have seen my son? ! says:

    I feel like im slowly going special

  35. ImKirbyyy says:

    Why is this better than the game

  36. Lucas Perez says:

    I don’t think he gets the NPC joke…

  37. 96eyagli says:


  38. Joshua Lohr says:

    The NPC race thing is probably a play on the political NPC meme that the left tried to erase.

  39. afoxnamedjay says:

    hahaha i love fallout 76 but this is funny

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