SJW Transgender Anti #Gamergate Larry Croft | HTM3

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18 Responses

  1. HACK THE MOVIES says:

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  2. ★quasyj★ says:

    Vexedgamershow & PinkDildus are MLG

  3. Charlie Willis says:

    I cum here from Silvermania

    there was no disappointment

  4. Brin Bart says:

    Now this….. This is awesome!

  5. Sol Weintraub says:

    Dear Xir, you did a great job exposing these disgusting misogynistic scumbags that lurk around and infest the cons all over the world to promote their ideas of rape culture and toxic masculinity. Props for not being afraid in the face of imminent danger of twitter harassment and microagressions. Go smash that patriarchal shitlords! #StopGamergate2016BC

  6. Soniko says:

    kinda hot tbh

  7. Joshua Filimoehala says:

    Way to ruin the Turd Raider fantasy.

  8. ADAMNATOR says:

    This is too beautiful.

  9. Seph F says:

    what's up with the random cuts to webpages with the arrows pointing?

  10. PortalLife3 says:

    I can definitely say I wasn't expecting to see Johnny on this. Lol

  11. 1WaterFire says:

    come on mofucka toe to toe, I'll use your descended ovary ballsack as a speed bag bitch cuz I'm the juggernaut. Lil mac ain't got nothing on these hands. Imma defends m'lady's honor, get her favor, and if she lets me I'll rub her feet.

  12. lookoutforthatninja says:


  13. Gabriel Hernandez says:

    I wonder what's going to happen when there's some controversy caused by this video. If Kotaku or IGN or whoever just makes some big news article out of this.

  14. Multimorten says:

    oh come get me big boy, I am all kinds of gamergate

  15. Henry Kincaid says:

    The thing is, though some people want characters to be able to be either sex; some famous characters are famous because of their gender; Lara croft is a famous example of female empowerment, the current iteration of the character even more so

  16. SGT Ski says:

    transgendered equality is nothing to joke about. video has been reported to reddit and the huffington post

  17. TheEnixSquared says:

    linkara wanted to fuck you so bad

  18. Justin Silverman says:

    Please stop. We're worried about you.

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