Siege PS4 vs Xbox Cross-Platform – Sunday Mailbox – Rainbow Six Siege

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Today’s Mailbox I discuss if Rainbow Six Siege should have cross platform play.

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24 Responses

  1. Sabasss Gaming says:

    Matimio I have a question why in every casual match I go in before I say anything I’m level 120 and when I play casual I always play with lvl 1 to 40 can you talk about this in ure next vid?

  2. Kyle Tharp says:

    #sundaymailbox milk me mother?

  3. DualGlizzy says:

    I completely disagree with this move if it is made because PlayStation 4 players and Xbox One play in 2 completely different ways. I have played on both consoles multiple times and their styles of playing is annoyingly different. Idly would be like mixing Lima Beans and Chickpea beans in the same bowl and only expecting Pinto Beans.

  4. Ralph Saint amand says:

    @Matimio Having suppressor and having no killcam is kinda the dumbest thing u ever said no offense

  5. GoatyMGF says:

    #Sundaymailbox What operators do you think new players should purchase at the current time?

  6. Austin Davis says:

    Do you think the year pass should be cheaper?

  7. Henry Lindsey says:

    Should Rainbow Six Siege have a report system like CS:GO in where the person gets reported and the game gets reviewed by a medium to high rank player?

  8. Nestor Robles says:

    #Sundaymailbox What do you think about an attacking operator who's ability is to be able to pick up a dead operator's abilities however he can only pick up one or a limited amount of abilities (one at a time) and can only get however many resources/uses of that ability that were left when said operator died?

  9. Alex Taylor says:

    Can they add a voting system like call of duty do on where there’s a random option or two maps you can vote for

  10. David Loucks says:

    What do you think about a system where the top player on the losing team doesn't get demoted in rank if they lose, providing they reach a certain xp or go positive in KD?

  11. Ryan Murphy says:

    #SundayMailbox Do you think that console should have leaning without ADS? If so how would it be implemented?

  12. StaminUp Time says:

    My question: What if Tachanka’s buff was that he stayed the same but instead of his turret being stationary, there were wheels on the bottom and he could roll around with his turret??

  13. Orvil Elric says:

    #Sundaymailbox What do you think about a new operator recruited from Ghost Recon?

  14. Matthew L says:

    #sundaymailbox do you think Ubi would get rid of the metal detectors in rainbow six siege?

  15. Kaden Eaton says:

    #SUNDAYMAILBOX Could Ubisoft have Xbox/PS4 be able to link their console account to their pc.

  16. I-know-ALICE says:

    With xbox getting mouse and keyboard support I really hope ps4 doesn't get crossplay with xbox

  17. TheFirst- Player2 says:

    What do you think of a ricochet function getting added into the game so bullets would deflect off of some objects but mostly metal

  18. TheRugbyClub HQ says:

    I'd love to see this

  19. Sterling Archer says:

    we dont have long queue times on console because we actually have players on modern games instead of wasting their time on PUBG, arma mods, and shit mobas

  20. Two goblins One girl says:

    You wanna know what I think?

    I think they should take away Finka's acog, let's see that good shit again.

  21. Adas Netra says:

    Do you think Glaz should have an smg/fully automatic secondary, since he is a sniper in a cqb environment?
    – adam

  22. Michael Evans says:

    #sundaymailbox I like the idea of your buffed suppressor and think surely that would be a great unlock past say level 70 where hackers have to spend hours just to hide that they hack and even then if they find an account that hits level 70 then spikes in headshots then there you go it's a hacker… I also wonder your opinion on an adapted ranked playlist which is in fact just a favourite map selector where it's a higher chance to see that map first or quicker for those with little time to play

  23. Blackwatch Gaming says:

    Do U think that there should be an operator that can cloak his drone to be invisible

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