SEGA OutRun Arcade Game Review – Cabaret version – Classic Arcade Racing Game Review

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Here’s a little video of SEGA’s awesome arcade racing game, Outrun. I believe that Turbo, Pole Position, and Outrun are the three greatest arcade racers of all time and this video shows how the game plays and talks about some of the history and its creator Yu Suzuki. This is a cabaret version, which is a smaller cabinet but has the full size monitor. I also installed the high score and freeplay mod. You can get the mod here:

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24 Responses

  1. Johnny says:

    Wow id love this machine brings back so many memories

  2. Hoshu Films says:

    John's voice sounds so young.

  3. שון מושון says:

    that's awesome collection man ,outrun was my favorite driving arcade

  4. christian silvestri says:

    Hey what’s a good monitor to use for this game? I bought this exact machine for cheap because the neck tube was broken. Not sure if I should replace with same monitor.

  5. Steven Sanmarco says:

    Did not even know they had a stand up version. Played the heck out of the sit down version.

  6. Anthony White says:

    You are living the dream Wow

  7. AM R says:

    The culprit of the SEGA arcades.

  8. S&K Gaming says:

    Lol I hear pole position in the background

  9. shimmeringreflection says:

    The Outrun arcade game I used to play was the shape of a Ferrari, and had hydraulics, so the whole thing moved left and right when you played it.

  10. Epid3mic says:


  11. thesmf1210 says:

    fucking love outrun

  12. Rétrogaming à papa says:

    Bonjour John!
    It's just my favorite game! I own it on Master system, Megadrive, Gba and Saturn with the steering wheel! I know it by heart but
    this cabaret version is my dream! Maybe one day………."merci pour cette belle démonstration!"

  13. Perry Codes says:

    I'm sure you get asked this ALL THE TIME – but are these games for private use only or do you have times when you open it up to the public?

  14. Riz2336 says:

    Hell yeah, I remember you traded or sold this game out of your collection. I recently got the Sega Saturn port of it (it's pretty much an arcade perfect port) and it's a really awesome game and as you mentioned yes it's pretty challenging but I have beaten it on normal mode it did take a lot of practice to pull it off though.

  15. Harney says:


  16. Bruxador says:

    If I only was rich. Great vid!

  17. Edwin says:

    Lots of quarters spent in the late 80's. Awesome video.

  18. oldskoolpaul77 says:

    Amazing! Happy 30th!

  19. Matthew Rivera says:

    John, you say that its' very hard to get to the end of this game. That is true; however, I've heard that the fastest route for finishing this game is: Right, Left, Right, Right

  20. back2skooldaze says:

    I love this on the XBOX!! 😉

  21. Paul Barnes says:

    Outrun an awesome game I'm jealous you have the arcade machine.

  22. 79tazman says:

    I loved Outrun that game is awesome and damn you are one lucky guy to have a arcade with some sweet ass games maybe if I win the lotto or rob a bank I'll be able to have a arcade like yours

  23. kuningas7 says:

    My most long lasting memory from Outrun is from the fall of 1988. We were vacationing at Playa de Las Americas and the hotel (Laguna Park 2) pool bar had this game. The memorable part was that the insulation of the game was not the best and it leaked a bit of current so you would get a tingling feeling if playing with even a little bit of moist feet.

  24. sean tagg says:

    Picked an Upright up a few weeks back, at last my dream cabinet. Cool vid

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