Sargon’s Push for Gamer Gate 2.0 – #Killstream Live

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Sargon is still stuck on Gamer Gate even though there are some newer memes which might actually mean something to current college students.

Original Source; 10-23-2018
#Killstream Live

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21 Responses

  1. Another Nobody says:


  2. PH Ooper says:

    Sorry to tell (some of) you guys but he has been this much of an asshole (slug), for years. Xxx

  3. maga elf says:

    Soygon u killed kek, pepe or any other memes u dumbass

  4. cj anon says:

    Fuuuck 3 years ago maybe

  5. Nuada Nuala says:


  6. Graff Fhe says:

    Sargon is so out of touch. He absorbed some old memes from 4chan via reddit and thinks he has his finger on the pulse of today's counter culture. "Let's meet on 4chan tomorrow to own the libs, guys! My account name will be DinoSargon44! Based kek haha pickle rick!".

  7. Loaf Michaels says:

    He’s still pushing this bullshit??

  8. Swan Kelly says:

    Yes, some people would freak out but what would it accomplish? Thoes people are always freaking out about something anyway.

  9. Shade Dot Volt says:

    Dopamine is one hell of a drug.

  10. Floofie kun says:

    Nazee Buzzwords

  11. oey vey says:

    Is Carl huffing paint thinner?

  12. demonyes chaos theory says:

    Shot we say Sargon that the NPC is not gamer gate 2.0 in any format what so ever

  13. spam mcspam says:

    The more he talks the dumber we all get.

  14. Why you so Sad? says:

    When Karl mentions kekistan, it makes me sad.

  15. Terrible Coughing says:

    When a 40 year old normie tries to be down with Chan culture

  16. WE are the remnants of the Huwhite Apocalypse says:

    Hmmm. Kekistan died 2017… someone forgot to tell him

  17. Bevel E says:

    GG and kekistan? I think he needs to take a holiday from this and come up with some good material after recharging. Then things will pick up naturally instead of forcing it. Then he won't need to ask people to do cringe things for him to report on and ride on the back of them on his channel.

  18. Feuer Freund says:

    There's a lot of messages written here about either rape allegations or corruption in the college institution. Yet those messages never reach news, if anything, these things belong in a more reactionary plan of action, and probably one of the weakest ones.
    Heck there's even some messages about 8chan and yet nothing.
    Sargon is so delusional and the fans he has left are still encouraging these stupid ideas.

  19. Matt says:

    What makes 4chan's antics so powerful, is that they are organic in nature, carefully thought out for maximum effectiveness, a/b tested, and deployed after hours of debate.
    Sargon is trying to force one. He thinks he can just make a random suggestion in videos and 4chan will follow him and deploy his shit plan. Thats not how anons or autists work. Its also not how organic movements work either. You can't force it. There has to be a real reason. It's becoming painful to watch Sargon continue down this path.

  20. kool kreeps says:

    He says “you don’t need me” when he could easily do any of this himself

  21. ShaddyCrunchum says:

    Kekistan was lame when it was a new meme

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