Rude Poker Winners – When You Enjoy Dissing Your Opponent

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People should be good, humble and respect one another, but then poker would have been boring.

That is why we here at PokerHaven say thank you each and every day to have players such as Mike Matusow, Tony G, Jamie Gold and others to disrespect their opponents and make poker even more entertaining.

In this poker video, we have gathered for you some of the most entertaining and funny poker videos where poker pros disrespected their opponents after winning the hand, thus becoming rude poker players and rude poker winners.

There is a way to play poker and a way to win, but these poker pros probably haven’t heard about it.

That is why even if the poker hand itself will be interesting, the ending will be even more entertaining with our selection of rude poker players and rude poker winners.

Some of the poker clips here are endless classics that never get old, some are newer and we truly hope you’ll enjoy our new poker compilation.

We would also love to read your thoughts and insights about the poker compilation, so leave us a comment below and share with us your personal experiences as well with rude poker players and rude poker winners.

For more interesting, entertaining and funny poker videos, please like, share, comment on our videos and don’t forget to subscribe to our PokerHaven channel.

Thank you for watching and have a wonderful day!

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46 Responses

  1. John Thao says:

    Jamie Gold SUCKS

  2. Glen Raymond says:

    You gotta love Helmuth betting 8,800 when he's ahead with eights….basically telegraphing his hand on purpose.

  3. Joseph Iffrig says:

    Gold tries to justify his decision which nearly cost him the hand then rubs it in the kids face, What a dick head.

  4. KLOC TOWER says:

    Fuck Jamie gold. Fucking piece of shit sucks out on someone that made the right play on him and then he insults the kid? Fuck Jamie gold. when you suck out on someone you don't rub it in their face and insult them like that. The kid had a read on Jamie he made the call and caught Jamie with his fingers in the cookie jar and then Jamie sucks out and pretends like he did the right thing? Fuck Jamie gold little bitch.

  5. Drop Full says:

    15:25 How did he not punched him

  6. Ja Kite says:

    Schwartz actually says "pwnd" out loud unironically. Dude…

  7. edwinhopkins0 says:

    Add monger

  8. Shawnaldo75 says:

    Where is Tony G from? He has some serious issues with Russians!!! LOL!

  9. FreshChalk says:

    Jamie Gold is the absolute worst. That 33 hand is basically how he won his way to a world title

  10. James Wilhelm says:

    with Hellmuth V Tonkaa, did the commentator really say "this came just…yuuuge for tonkaa, he is so irritated" That was a donkey ass call by tonkaa. If I was hellmuth I would encourage that idiot to keep playing exactly like that.

  11. Charles Dodson says:

    1. Perry is my new hero. After all that verbal bs, "good hand." LOVE it. 2. That's what you get for calling with Jacks? Only dumb luck saved you.

  12. Strange W A V E says:

    I love me some Tony G

  13. Stefan Holbek says:

    The last idiot hasn't been born yet …

  14. Cookie Collins says:

    its funny how Tony G tells people they are an embarrassment when HE is the one who is the embarrassment. Arrogant prick!

  15. alijasamtakvogDOJMA says:

    When my mike starts jumping priceless

  16. da ra says:

    Tony g is terrible at talking and poker

  17. Hans Wurst says:

    without people like schwartz, helmuth, tony g and some others people could only make "boring behaviour compilations" with nothing realy funny to laugh about… a lot of them are douchbags, but without them it would be so fucking boring, so stop hating what you came to watch for 😉

  18. RationalThinker1859 says:

    Why does Helmuth get so worked up? He knows the game. He knows there's hearts out there. That's not a bad beat. "That's why I'm Phil Helmuth". Knob.

  19. RationalThinker1859 says:

    No substitute for class I suppose. Ahem, Schwartz. Ahem.

  20. Toby Schneider says:

    British people ..: fucking weird people..

  21. Wladimir Putin says:

    The first one felt weird af

  22. Tom Silverheart says:

    These are some cheap chips in the first clip.

  23. Billy D says:

    Jamie Gold=Dick

  24. Jack Yi says:

    Oh well, Mr. Hellmuth, poor boy…

  25. Samuel Nuno says:

    I'd be embarrassed to claim I'm jg! Stupid angling prick!

  26. Samuel Nuno says:

    TOTAL classless douchebag winners! I can't stand Hellmuth's antics but it doesn't mean ya have to be a jerkoff yourself in the process!!

  27. messi lionel says:

    Why tony G hate the russian

  28. Moo Cow says:

    Anyone else think Schwartz is a no game baby with a Stay-Puff marshmallow man face?

  29. Coors Lite says:

    7:52 classic twitch

  30. Harley smith says:

    That first hand was a disgrace

  31. Keith Kiekebusch says:

    how many times has Tony G been punched out??? Does anybody know??

  32. Ahmet G. says:

    i feel like phil helmuth is the spencer rice of poker , if you know who i mean haha


    I swear shows were setting Helmuth up. Ery show he's getting 2 outted or worse.

  34. Zim Zimma says:

    Coked up poker players would have been a good title too. At least Tony and Luke's bullshit can be amusing because of how ridiculous it is (at times) but there's just nothing redeemable about Sheik. Hands down the most unlikable pro of them all

  35. Jimothy Snooker says:

    people who have never played video games using "pwned" as an insult is cringe.

  36. Mr. Mark says:

    I enjoy watching Tony G, but I would kick his fat ass after the way he treated that polite russian.

  37. Mr. Mark says:

    Schwarz is one of the funniest guys in poker….:)

  38. Mr. Mark says:

    How is it possible I love both HellMouth and Tony G….I must be a sick MF'er. 🙂

  39. Sam James says:

    14:51 You will hear "fiddle idiot" or "fiddle that he is" depending on what youre thinking about

  40. sevadaj says:

    Announcer: "People pretend to be Jaime Gold? What sick world are we living in" LMAO!!!!!!

  41. jaddy540 says:

    Fat carp-mouth,real d-bag.

  42. Sam says:

    No amount of sponsorships or fanboys will ever change the fact tonka is lacking awareness and understanding of the game.

  43. Sam says:

    This is a great turn lead from Phil, he knows he’s up against a pretender.

  44. Skratchtube says:

    14:51 LMAO!!! "Played him like the fiddle that he is!!"

  45. Lukas Helmhart says:

    Wtf is sheikan doing hahahaha
    Acting like a teenie what an idiot

  46. Baz Stanzb says:

    Gold is such a prick

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