Ron and Chris Burger Cook Off

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Ron and Chris have a cook off to determine the fate of the cafeteria’s hamburgers.

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35 Responses

  1. pulle88 says:

    at 1:20 Nick is struggling not to laugh


    I was laughing the way Andy was nodding his head

  3. DrClawizdead says:

    You can't beat Ron's meat.

  4. Kenny Li says:

    tbh. Chris's burger looks and sounds more delicious. I'd like to try it.

  5. Amy Reid says:

    Chris goes to all the trouble of tinkering with the recipe, even works on his presentation and Ron throws a hamburger on a paper plate in front of everyone and owns. As usual. My grandad always used to say, your only weapon against a cow is a pig. And he's right. Bacon is my favourite food lol

  6. Brendan Cason says:

    food wars parks and rec

  7. Ian-Devon Lewis says:


  8. Hector Gonzalez says:

    Add ketchup if you want, i couldn't care less.

  9. William McCormick says:

    0:551:10 I don't think Andy's hamburger eating skills get the proper attention

  10. Amit Ben-Hur says:

    Rob Lowe's delivery here is so good

  11. whoopthereitis says:

    Chris's instant reaction to rons burger it makes me laugh every time

  12. Pwnedgamer94 says:

    You don't use store bought turkey, that taste bland. Wild turkey is where it's at

  13. Lee Crawford says:

    I love me a hamburger

  14. Jacob Waters says:

    Stop being so pretentious Kyle

  15. MrJustonemorevoice says:

    Chris is gracious in defeat

  16. Ethan P says:

    Anyone else actually feel really bad for Chris. He was so prepared and has been trying this for years only to find out that his creation, even though it tastes as good as Beyonce smells, just can't beat a normal burger. In the seconds before he tries the burger, he looks so sad.

  17. A.K.B. says:

    Andy @0:59 is exactly how I eat my homemade burgers. lol

  18. AttentionJunkie says:

    I just ate a roasted garlic embedded turnkey burger with blue cheese on sourdough and then I searched for this.

  19. SubscribeItWontHURT says:

    It's the American way

  20. 1987MartinT says:

    Sometimes complicated sophistication just can't beat simple straightforwardness.

  21. cjcase825 says:

    starlord autocorect

  22. cjcase825 says:

    hey so this is what starboard did in his time off

  23. thruthewormhole says:

    I love how Chris instantly caves when he tries ron's burger

  24. Kzinssie (porygonlover322) says:

    this is what my taste in music is like

  25. Audi Factotum says:

    Kyle=Jerry's Jerry

  26. shuboy05 says:

    Ron may have forgotten the cheddar but I would still pick his burgers over Chris' pretentious turkey burgers.

  27. longbeacher says:

    I love how Jerry's so mean to Kyle

  28. Dennis Crosby says:

    I wanna taste anything as good as Beyonce smells.

  29. Rockmaster2112 says:

    So after I watched this clip I asked my brother who has been in the culinary industry for over 10 years if a turkey burger could ever be better than a beef vurger. He said if it were him making it and he did a lot of bells and whistles type of stuff he could make it close to tasting as good as beef, but the second you add something like bacon or caramelized onions to the burger the turkey does not stand a chance.

  30. Rockmaster2112 says:

    "I'm so disappointed, I thought that you and I were going to have a real challenge."

    I bet Ron was thinking the same.

  31. Sensey Cadman says:

    My dad is in tears laughing

  32. Merthalophor says:

    Is this the guy from Guardians of the Galaxy?

  33. Dave Robles says:

    The look on Chris's face right before he tries the beef burger is Priceless.

  34. Tedd Jasiczek says:

    I guess Chris disliked this video.

  35. Hong Ru Wei says:

    Thanks for uploading dude! This scene is so funny!

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