ROMANCING.. DOGMEAT?! (GRAPHIC) – Fallout 4 Mods – Week 91

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Adrian Woodin
Albert Caliyo
Mike Dunigan
Jiren Hu
Patrick Toro
Edwin S Taylor
T Gorman
William Neiman
Gan Ceann
Randy Nickel

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Colorful Leggings – CBBE – BODYSLIDE – AWCKR
Faster Workshop (Workshop Lag Fix)
Sleep Intimate


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29 Responses

  1. Jillamy says:

    What was that guy doing in the intro on the left?? XD

  2. Sage Master says:

    Giggaty giggaty.

  3. HipHopopotamus says:

    Every day we stray further from god

  4. TobiIsAGoodBoy1 says:

    im actually surprised Bethesda didn't ask for permission to use some mods on 76 like the 4k vault suits mods. or the better weather mod. hell even some of the lower demanding overhaul mods like clear water an touch of green.they could have just given a free copy of the game to each modder or Adams for use of the home-brew assets….

  5. Red05XWing xbox says:

    You’d better bxr kids with that BR77 mod

  6. Christian Smoley says:

    You might as well set up a pint hub account and post these videos there

  7. Larry Tello says:

    Where’s the link

  8. Silas Braun says:

    "Strap-on panty added".

    Well I guess I just shit in my pants.

  9. Fallout3Lad101 says:

    Bruh sturges over here at the start of the video having way too much fun with someone.

  10. Heyyoutroll says:


  11. Robzie B says:

    Hi Mr MXR Sir. I wanted to ask what sort of sound and recording equipment you use for your videos as they sound angelically orgasmic

  12. Bobtheschoolboy says:

    Gun that takes him back to middle school? gotta be american

  13. Atago Chan says:

    NO! Dogmeat needs to be protected! Not sexualized!

  14. e Man says:

    aaah classic double penetration algorithm 3:10, my man

  15. Aleplayer’s Domain says:

    You should do whatever makes you happy friend, not just for the people. Love you, dude! 🙂

  16. David Butler says:


  17. Snails second uncle Granppie says:


  18. Dustin Emerzian says:

    I don't even play fallout 4. I just love watching your videos because damn dude… You know how to make a depressed guy happy, by making him choke on his milk reminding him of the amazing ability that is BREATHING!

  19. Piggystroika Union says:

    Get your as gone from youtube you fucking Communist!

  20. Vasil Lad says:

    Who the fuck support this?! I gonna find you and I gonna kill you!

  21. Leeroy soldier says:


  22. Leeroy soldier says:


  23. volvox says:

    The sooner you GTFO from youtube BETTER!

  24. dang MasteR says:

    i don't want to see this person to breath or alive in my sight IRL or on Youtube!

  25. PlasmaPhantom 72 says:

    Don't put it on Patreon.

  26. Semy says:

    Uh can somebody help me??? I believe in one of the videos he made on fallout 4 he had a video where like every container (including those that you cant normally open) have stuff in them, cant remember its name. Would really like to have it in my game.

  27. Darkishurchin6 says:

    Why? Why? Just……. why?

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