Resident Evil 2 The Board Game Review – Steamforged

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Resident Evil 2 The Board Game Review – Steamforged. In this video I review Resident Evil 2 The Board Game by Steamforged Games just in time for the PS4 Remake coming out.

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19 Responses

  1. Max Soze says:

    Great review, this is my first board game and i bought it clearly just for nostalgia. You make good points and the biggest downside is the darkness of the tiles and it is stupid cause they put some nice details and efford just to hide everything, truly a shame. Maybe if someone can replicate or even if Steamforged can give us in pdf file to print brighter tiles and stick them above would be great.
    Another problem that i found is that i have no idea how to put together the map with the color coding they use. I understood that the book indicates just if it is dangerous or not the location but i cannot tell what tiles are being used.
    Greetings from Greece!

  2. Tails Fox says:

    The tiles too dark and lack variety ughhhh

  3. Peter Nicholas says:

    Thx for the review, I really love the "Playstation" version and this does look very similar given that it's a board game. However I may wait to find it in the "Bargain bin". :>)

  4. R A Bardy says:

    A decent, balanced review, Andy, although I personally would've liked to know a bit more about how it plays (rather than how it looks) – does it restrict the players too much? Are there standout moments that make you stand up and take notice? Does it feel like the game drags rather than making you feel that you're involved in the scenario and struggling to escape and stay alive, etc? Keep up the excellent work!

  5. Glynn Seymour says:

    The nostalgia is strong in this review. Great review Andy! 🙂

  6. Black Country Wargaming says:

    The original game wasn't really dark even in the sewer section, it does seem like they were taking shortcuts with the design of the tiles, walls and doors. I'm glad I didn't back this myself as it just wouldn't have got playtime, I'm super excited for the remake tho.

  7. basic miniature painting says:

    Great review mate

  8. IDICBeer 40k says:

    Nice look

  9. Noahshu says:

    I’m super disappointed with the tiles ! I live in the us and I’m still waiting for my copy .. I hope the game play is good . I don’t think I will be supporting steam forge after this . I was disappointed with their other ks I backed . There are so many great ks projects coming this year and repeats from last year . They are producing better products and games . Thanks for the overview . Subscribed !

  10. BrokenLegionOfGamers says:

    Awesome video as always buddy. Keep up the great work. Between you and the support from my gaming group it's getting increasingly harder to hold up my decision to walk away for a while.

  11. Mark Berrecloth says:

    Great review, cheers Andy. Not one for me but still good to see the level and quality of game pieces. Nothing that can't be enhanced with some plastics tokens.

  12. PowerPilgrim says:

    Crackin' review there and overall it seems very faithful to the original content.

  13. _malkavian says:

    Thanks for the review, Andy. I like the Resident evil franchise but I'll be giving this one a miss after seeing the pre-order prices.

  14. Paul Nugent says:

    Totally agree RE the components. It’s such a shame the tiles are so dark as the artwork is really nice.

    I thought there was a lot of wasted space in the boxes too. I ended up making a custom insert (pics on BGG) that housed the core game + survival horror + B-files + 4th survivors + Kickstarter alternative sculpts… and I got everything to fit into the core box!

  15. Steve Evans says:

    Yeah I agree it does look a bit cheaply made,are the tiles very thick Andy,do you think they’ll warp in time?
    Will you be running games of this on the channel?

  16. Jeremy Boughton says:

    It looks a bit cheap and nasty to me.

  17. Kristian Reeves says:

    Another great video & review. Not a game I will be picking up myself, but I would play it if I got the chance.

  18. Matt Mountain says:

    great review mate

  19. John Rooke says:

    Looks great but it's alot of money. Great review though.

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