Rejoice! Nintendo Ends The Nintendo Creators Program!

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Nintendo has finally announced that they will be ending the Nintendo Creators Program at the end of the year. It’s about damn time Nintendo! Let’s Discuss!

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44 Responses

  1. Bruhhh says:

    The guideline says Nintendo has the right to takedown any copyrighted infringing videos meaning they can still takedown your videos lmaoo

  2. Brutality PlaysPc says:

    The website comes down on my birthday, what a thoughtful gift, thank you Nintendo 🙂

  3. vvmm ee says:

    This won't last long.

  4. FusionPointInc says:

    Did you go to RIT?

  5. Dragonmage967 says:

    Eh, too little too late for me. I've been done with Nintendo for about 2 years now and I just don't want to ever give them money again. I grew up on their games but I don't like who they've shown me they are.

  6. Mineat says:

    Their copyright rules are draconian, anyway. Don't believe me, there are always victims.

  7. Rich Smith says:



    gonna assume this applies to most music too? ._.

  9. Viralium says:

    I don't even think that story-based games are an issue. That's pretty much all that I want to play, and if there's a story-driven game that I'm interested in, I refuse to watch LPs of it.

    You could also look at FNAF. The lore is what keeps people coming back, but the reason that it's so big is because of LPs on YouTube.

  10. S L says:

    Forgot this existed.

  11. Destiny FateKnight says:

    So, I can record and upload smash bros ultimate, this Friday without any fear of copy right claims?

  12. RM_Prime says:

    What changed at Nintendo Japan? They got a new president. Shuntaro Furukawa is a younger man at 46, so he probably sees the internet and youtube in a different light to the "old guard" at Nintendo.

  13. Retrograde Beats says:

    Mario Maker would have been that big, I watch those videos all the time

  14. M R says:

    Just in time for Mario maker … ummm

  15. Nathan Long says:


  16. Stephen Ferris says:

    Who knows. Nintendo may fix it's online service next and they may put out a more up to date Mario Maker. I think they really want to push the Switch and Super Smash Ultimate. So they are getting rid of that program.

  17. Rob Horgan says:

    Why do I always see your videos even though I'm not subscribed?

  18. TwoWheelWarrior says:

    We love you Boogie! Great video…

  19. Mega Mijit says:


  20. cgwworldministries says:

    Thank God… I might buy a switch because they are stepping up and learning pride is a bad thing.

  21. Tuffdude 77 says:

    Mario Maker is what made me want my Wii U… Where did I first see Mario Maker, Youtube

  22. TILOfficialYT says:

    Finally. Now I can buy a Switch + Pokemon Let's Go and start a series 🙂

  23. shadowen1942 says:

    Rich, since you are admittedly a massive flip-flopper (4:45) have you though about merchandising in the form of ReviewTechUSA-branded flip-flops? =P

  24. Javier Gonzalez says:

    Next years what will be doing after shut down from 2019 ? Let me know the comments

  25. J A D says:

    Glad to hear this, but Nintendo is dead to me.

  26. Robbie06261995 says:

    Welp, there goes any revenue I made.

  27. alemirdikson says:


  28. penpcm says:

    My body is ready

  29. Suvraj grewal says:


  30. Suvraj grewal says:

    They get proper ads to fit your audience? huh? then why did I get a Trojan ad on the spider man and elsa channel?

  31. Suvraj grewal says:

    I feel bad for Angry Joe Show

  32. nickthegamer3000 says:

    Up next is the online service.

  33. Master Frank! says:

    It's about damn time! Poor Joe had to do the review like my icon pic.

  34. Stad says:

    I wanna see rich have a debate with my dad lol

  35. Arnes Julio says:


  36. LoELP Games says:

    Thank god for Furukawa

  37. Amy Carter says:

    I'll just go ahead and throw this nugget out there.
    BitChute and Steemit are great decentralized platforms for video content.
    But yeah, Nintendo of America are still a bunch of dumbasses.

  38. migfire says:

    Notice they started this program during the Wii U's unsuccessful run. I feel like they're ending it now because of the Switch's success if that makes any sense. It's doing well in the holidays too. Before Black Friday started at my store, the Nintendo Switches were already sold out.

  39. James Oren says:

    Note that at no point have they said they're gonna stop DCMA's every single video they don't like, they simply said they're ending their MCN. Pretty sure they're still gonna come for anyone diverging from the official party line of "this is the best game ever, go buy it"

  40. Mega Fudge says:

    Took em long enough. All it did was hurt them and others.

  41. Senior BLT says:

    Hopefully next is the nintendo swit h online service

  42. Deadass_Isaac_2001 says:

    This video title reminds me of Split and James McAvoy's character.

  43. TenaciousJ728 says:

    If they wanted to cast a shadow over Splatoon 1 & 2, they've succeeded.

  44. Ragnarok X says:

    So we're finally able to upload first party Nintendo games without any copyright notice?

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