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The Game Awards are going to be happening this week and with Super Smash Bros. Ultimate also launching that night on the Nintendo Switch, there’s definitely the possibility for Nintendo to have a big announcement during the show. Get all the details here!



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22 Responses

  1. Aero says:

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  2. Noah Heninger says:

    They're not going to do anything to steal SSBU's thunder. So if there's an announcement, it will be Smash related.

  3. AngryCosmonaut says:

    Game awards, Geoff Keighley, really fun?! I think I'm gonna be sick. Save your soul, never watch the game awards.

  4. CyanNinja Bros. says:

    Banjo please let it be banjo

  5. GrimminatorX says:

    I hope they reveal a 3D Zelda collection with ocarina, majora, windwaker, twilight princess, and skyward sword all in one package ported to Switch. That or the metroid Prime trilogy and metroid Prime 4 for switch.

  6. Donald Mccarty says:

    Gimme donkey Kong news

  7. Doom Slayer says:

    They gonna probably have the countdown for Smash

  8. ChaceAwesome101 says:

    Sorry for killing your fox on disc

  9. Snyde says:

    Your discord is fun.

  10. Little Stick says:

    maybe there gonna announce a demo for smash

  11. PK Salvo says:

    Gee, i really want Ninten in Smash. I hope he gets in. Hes a unique fighter

  12. Dan The Man says:

    Though Jack Cayman (Madworld) and Travis Touchdown (No More Heroes) would badass to see as well man those games were so cool

  13. Dan The Man says:

    Honestly I'd still prefer any of my nostalgia bros or girls to get into smash:
    Segata Sanshiro (Sega)
    Goemon (Mystical Ninja)
    Gordon Freeman (Half Life)
    Squall Leonhart (FF)
    Jack Frost (Smt + persona)
    Any protagonist from any persona or smt games excluding Akira and Yu. Never liked them at all.

    I could see that these characters would build up a lot of hype for fans around the world. Regardless of how popular and obscured they are.

  14. cyberfennek says:

    lets see Pokémon,Metroid Prime 4,Animal Crossing and maybe even F zero and Mother 3 no wonder Sony stays home this time 🙂

  15. J_Walldubams the 3rd says:

    I am a simple boi I see Banjo and Battlefield in the background I click ASAP

  16. shirehorse7 says:

    I'll double it'll happen but maybe a teaser for Gen 8 in Pokemon

  17. w0g0bby says:

    #Sora4Smash reveal plzzzzzz

  18. Chris Kamzol says:

    Its another DLC Character, likely Minecraft, Banjo or another Fire Emblem Character with a sword…

  19. Alexzanderson JRG says:

    Naw Banjo Kazooie being shown off as smash dlc would be too perfect. Not getting my hopes up only for nintendo to disappoint me. Honestly dont expect anything big getting announced for smash. There just trying to get people more excited to go out and pre order/buy the game. Which is kind of ridiculous since smash is going to sell regardles if they bullshit us or not.

  20. Unknown says:

    He'll show his ding dong to his nintendo fans. LOL

  21. NeoShot says:


  22. Jonny Largent says:

    Update on Bayonetta 3 and possible Golden Sun announcement?

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