Really Slow Motion & Instrumental Core – The Vanguard (Inspirational Uplifting Music)

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Music by Really Slow Motion
Composer: Instrumental Core
Track: The Vanguard
Album: Existentia

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22 Responses

  1. Steven Harris says:

    I want Your God is dead to be the theme song to my movie.

  2. Alex Vanishvili says:

    I've discovered this channel,these music are perfect

  3. Skull Troopen says:

    Don't let the picture fool you. The air is extremely toxic.

  4. FreeMusiCloud says:


  5. Tealeaf says:

    one of my new favorites now!!! Love you guys!

  6. Danil ДИ эээййЙ says:

    А ты зайди, я не еврей

  7. Epic Mondays Music Extensions says:

    A bit late for notification squad, but never miss a song #RSMlegion, here I am …2019 starting gooooood!!!

  8. FrogManXX1 says:

    This is incredible

  9. scabash says:

    You know it’s a good song when you create an imaginary scene in your head

  10. Sunghoon Eom says:

    Sounds really cool!

  11. Fernando Lozano says:

    Gracias por esta canción, gracias por recordarme la esencia de la felicidad, gracias por colocarme de vuelta en el momento presente.

    Gracias por existir

  12. TerraStone says:

    Very good! 🙂

  13. Roy Tyndall says:

    You should be on
    You'd kill there!

  14. The piano of the dark dimension says:

    wow, deep bass sounds, beautiful epic composition

  15. Daniel Fuentes says:


  16. hüse kara says:

    One Word:perfect

  17. Ryan Sprenkels says:

    Interesting. Sounds very vivid with my Shure SE535's

  18. Daniel Cacheta says:

    Very nice song,#RSMlegion. I Like it!

  19. Señor Kaktusz says:

    85k subscriber! Nice work! One year ago, when I started to listen your tracks, you had 48k, so overall, awesome performance! Now, in my playlist, I have 161 tracks, full of yours! Thank you for the so many days you made happy in my life, thank you for the so many epic tracks! Love you forever!

  20. Luis and nugget gaming says:

    This would be used in an ending scene of an army movie.

  21. Furkan Mert Aşıcı says:

    Truely… Awsome…

  22. Released Kraken says:

    Oh look…here we have 1 IC fan that confused the “like” and “dislike” button

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