Razer Turret for Xbox One Hands-On: A clever solution for the console at CES 2019

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42 Responses

  1. Tony Socci says:

    Wayy too expensive. Buy the Corsair K63 lapboard combo and a decent mouse and save some money

  2. Charles's Outdoor says:

    Only works with games that support a mouse and keyboard from what I see. Totally worthless to most gamers. Very few big titles are going to code in mouse and keyboard support.

  3. Ryukijano Ramunae says:

    My logitech g903 makes more sense now.


    which xbox is that model???

  5. Cotton Cat says:

    for $249 plus a 300 dollar Xbox just buy a PC …smh

  6. Andrei Chelaru says:

    Imagine this combo and an xbox one x….

  7. Ryan type says:

    ……$89 CORSAIR K63 mechanical keyboard Wireless cherry red keys …. I have to pass on over priced razer… if it was a wirless razer black widow elite then that would be a different story. I have the black widow as my main keyboard…… but 250 for that HELLLLL NO plastic, a plastic keyboard,, not even aluminum….. razer got some explaining to do for that garbage

  8. Kyro Raj says:

    0:20 now that ain't a xbox

  9. Frizzy_sandwich59 says:

    would it work on ps4?

  10. Velocer98 says:

    Razor is favoring xbox

  11. dumdum patou says:

    use for left handed?

  12. Crazy Guy says:

    Extra over priced tho !!!

  13. campkira says:

    That thing pretty much have no ergonomic at all.

  14. bony botn says:

    I didn't understand something,
    The keyboard doesn't support in all of the games? Or the information that you get through the keyboard doesn't support in all of the games?
    Please answer quick I really want to buy this thing 😀
    And btw
    Grate video! I Liked and subed!

  15. Rakib Hasan says:

    Jesus. With that mouse pad size you need to play 1600 dpi or more

  16. Rustem Cecunjanin says:

    Make all xbox games keyboard and mouse supported and I might consider it, maybe.

    Actually nvm cause that shit looks decent at best

  17. David Mendoza says:

    Imagine how much more people would buy this if it wasnt overpriced…

  18. moblue 289 says:

    who is the guy?

  19. Soy3r says:

    It’s easier to spend like 40 bucks on a xim4 or crosshairs or something than buying a console priced m&k

  20. DrJones694 says:

    That is so cool and the magnets

  21. Steve 30x says:

    Thats great but €250 and hardly any games support keyboard and mouse at the moment. Still with keyboard and Mouse support if enough games start supporting it I will start gaming a lot more on my Xbox One. It would be great to get Keyboard and mouse support patched into Halo Master Chief Collection even if its only on the single player part of the game.

  22. SLAV says:

    The price loool

  23. Mijan says:

    what xbox is that in the start on the vid?

  24. Anton Kravets says:

    I'm using reasnow cross hair on my PS4 for single player fps games. Nothing new here.

  25. Phunsuke Wangdu says:

    Pc gang doing the haters dance in the comment section.

  26. John Hanson says:

    Magnets in the mouse pad???

  27. Bryson Spaulding says:

    A clever solution for a console that costs literally as much as the console

  28. Lee 133 says:

    Surely a magnet is gonna affect accuracy? Can you turn it off?

  29. Helghast73 says:

    Where's your headset plug in ?

  30. roks[gaming] says:

    What about left headers

  31. asia911 says:

    Keyboard is fucking useless since I don't use WASD but the left/right/up/down keys and the the keypad beside it.

  32. Franco Leonardo Martínez says:

    What if you use the mouse with the left hand?

  33. Tazyizan says:


  34. Wes Alois says:

    It would be nice if the mouse could charge wirelessly from the keyboard slab,wouldn't it?

  35. Aravinth Guru says:

    Razer is Killin it at CES every year

  36. Sekyleky says:

    Advice: Just buy a PC

  37. Buclodi says:

    Does it come with a free Xbox? Geez. Besides that it doesn't look very sturdy.
    But I like the magnet idea and that it seems relatively small and light weight.

  38. who create GOD? says:


  39. Joshua Whitford says:

    What is that black box on the bottom of this Xbox?

  40. Seth Yates says:

    It costs as much as the Xbox does

  41. hin04682 says:

    0:32 You can see it is very uncomfortable. Look at his shoulder lmao

  42. Michael Choe says:

    Just get a pc

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