RASTAKHAN’S RUMBLE REVIEW – Part 9! | Card Review | Hearthstone

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‣ Edited by: jnZaneHD
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37 Responses

  1. Christian Martinez says:

    Ive been rinsing ppl with a low-key rush deck too. Not sure if its the same as that developer's but I made it and it's been destroying every1. It struggles against only 1 deck so far.

  2. 3stHyphen says:

    what happens with wardruid loti with fandral?

  3. Griffin the griffin says:

    ArchDruid Loti + Fandral Staghelm. I wonder what will happen?

  4. Filthy Casul says:


  5. SonicBoom501 says:

    I just thought of this

    What if doomguard took dmg then it filtered to bolf(idk how or if it will) then snapjaw takes bolf’s dmg, so then snapjaw leaves bolf unharmed as well as the hero, will this work?

  6. Sn0wM0nkey says:

    18:16 hit or miss I guess they never miss, huh.

  7. Galaick says:

    18:20 hit or miss, I guess they sometimes miss huh?

  8. T Nisoff says:

    21:08 I don't see how that would be possible.

  9. SpitefulAZ says:

    the first trump video i watch in 3 months and you're still using the same outro. son i am disappoint.

  10. Tamerlein Music says:

    1. Pass
    2. Wild Growth
    3. Play the four mana card that draws a beast
    4. Coin/Innervate your 12-24 Tyrantus with rush. Laugh.
    5. Play spreading plague and watch your opponent concede.

  11. A Tem says:

    lol at the last part

  12. Jacob Jelinski says:

    10:55 Captain Hooktusk for wild meta seems to be a 1 card inclusion for kingsbane that could make it better against big priest. Using it and lab maniacs/gang up and valeera to pretty consistently have a 8 mana 6/3 battlecry summon 3 6/3's with rush

    Bonus is it also tutors out the 2 4mana 4/4 deathrattle pirates that buffs your weapon before you get this lab maniacs/gang up combo working with it

  13. Bepis says:

    What happens if I put an snapjaw shellfighter next to another snapjaw spellfighter? They both take damage?

  14. whYLiE09 says:


  15. Emil Sørensen says:

    Da Undatakah might work with Mecha'thun.

    Am I the only one suspicious that right after Ben Brode leaves, Blizzard revokes the ban on printing new troll-themed cards??

  16. Emil Sørensen says:

    Relevant to keep in mind that druids have a weapon now. So you can do 4 damage with the hero power. Or 6 with claw (I think).

    Dealing 6 damage to every minion for 10 mana and two cards and a ton of life loss?
    I'm not convinced. And it breaks if your opponent plays a 7 health minion.

  17. F says:

    Just saying it now guys, Undataker, combined with Zerek master cloner.
    The value!

  18. Cloudian~ says:

    Does gonk work with bite/claw etc? do you lose the attack power after the first attack, or is it for the whole turn? I've never looked now that I think about it. Could be interesting.

  19. MdK says:

    Haha, 8 mana 5/5! Haaaha, handbuff!

  20. Chaos Tade says:

    dont listen to this guy, we all know the accuracy of his predictions.

  21. RafaelCDinardi says:

    gonk the raptor is a nerfed version of the 7 mana elemental with windfury

  22. KPM Wolf says:

    Seriously ? 5 mana 6/7 is not value, its OP.

  23. Squidward of Catarina says:

    Stampeding roar could be a 6 mana tyrantus or hadronax

  24. Isaac Baker says:

    The way that I understand Stampeding Roar + Charged Devilsaur is an innervate 7/7 charge because charge overrules rush and the devilsaur's battlecry never triggers. Why not build a druid deck with witching hour, cubes and devilsaurs?

  25. cottegus says:

    21:04 I love you Jens xD

  26. Poop Doop says:

    Since when does a "decent" 7 drop hace 17 stats what the frick (non-legendary) Even a 9 drop has only 16 man

  27. Lin Justin says:

    Rush warrior: T1

  28. Strategy KB says:

    "It's…handy" as he is reviewing a card with a hand on it…

  29. Chad Shaffer says:

    Should i go rogue or warrior first month?

  30. Lin Justin says:

    Stampeding roar synergize with charged devilsaur at least. 6 mana 7 damage charge, cube, spellstone/naturalize, 21 damage.

  31. Lin Justin says:

    Subject 9 beast spell hunter omg

  32. Jan Dylan says:

    Rush decks be *Rushian Decks*?

  33. OnlyOnline2O1O says:

    18:17 hit or miss

  34. Wizblizz says:

    Seance + Test Subject = Immortality (for the test subject)

  35. Michael Hedley says:

    You could use the rage card to give your hero more attack that turn and also candleshot to combo with the gonk card

  36. Luckydaye says:

    I wonder how Wardruid Loti looks when you have the choose one legendary guy

  37. Erza Scarlett says:

    have trump doing review of trump review of trump review of boomsday yet before new expansion arrive?

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