Random Duos!! *Pro Fortnite Player* // 1800 Wins // (Fortnite Live Gameplay)

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New Fortnite random duos gameplay stream!
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39 Responses

  1. Travon Mcgary says:


  2. arashveer kang says:

    Play house fliper!

  3. RockNroy 1234 says:

    I have been here from 1mil

  4. TSM_KING says:

    21:35 he missed a chest after saying why is there no chest

  5. Haiven Benitez says:

    add me my name is sevupnext

  6. Jack Witney says:

    Awesome content keep it up

  7. Tin Tin says:


  8. Tin Tin says:

    Add me on fortnite

  9. chazz_ Debonis says:

    search for magicmatt555

  10. Momo3000 Thiam says:


  11. Killa Kxm says:

    Damn one ad

  12. jade says:

    whats the dudes youtube channel 1:0:48

  13. Rachit Tandukar says:


  14. Dru and Ryan Budzynski says:

    Thank you for sending me this video on my inbox

  15. Mahneet Malhi says:

    That language is Punjabi it’s from India

  16. Matt Green says:

    39:00 Andre don't worry you did amazing even though you had that bug

  17. Zabbykass 45 says:


  18. Jasper Richmond says:

    Got copy right strike for the knee slapper it's a country beat

  19. Michelle G says:


  20. Michelle G says:


  21. Romario Williams says:

    I love watching your videos how much wins you have your my best YouTuber

  22. CrimsonCreeper12 says:

    Do an updated quick silver mod plsssssasssss

  23. Nicole Reynolds says:

    Who remembers the GTA vids

  24. anthony we says:

    Make sense 5 hour stream for fortnite and only 1 hour for gta not really

  25. Shredder Nation says:

    says he has over 90 wins and has been playing for just over a month? lol mmmhmmmmm

  26. Nevaeh Nejib says:

    Are diago 123

  27. Nevaeh Nejib says:

    Go to my channel diago123

  28. Epic Kid says:

    8,000,000 subs,
    Keep up the good work TG your almost there.

  29. Ellis Fletcher says:

    I love your vids

  30. Beverly Ugbomoh says:

    Whoever likes this comment and subs and donates 10 dollars on my newest stream and comments on my newest video and. Shares them I’ll give them a sub

  31. Zack Ford says:

    Do more gta v

  32. Jessenya Sanchez says:

    hi bro

  33. Colton Powell says:

    16 on trending for gaming

  34. CharmedBadger Boy342 says:

    I friend you typical gamer my name is CharmedBadger2k

  35. Wyatt Marsh says:

    Pickaxe to loud

  36. Dakota Blankenhorn says:

    Make another gta zombie series

  37. Zaheer MANSOORI says:


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