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Michael returns to a simpler time on this week’s Rage Quit with a gold old fashioned game of Monopoly Streets. Can he win it all or is bankruptcy in his future? Join FIRST to watch episodes early: http://bit.ly/2wf5zPJ

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Rage Quit – Monopoly Streets | Rooster Teeth

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27 Responses

  1. Witch's Brew Sims says:

    this video is so pure i love it. first video i ever saw on youtube

  2. Andrew Fralinger says:

    God, watching this on half speed is the greatest experience I've ever had on a YouTube video.

  3. TheHylianJuggalo says:

    I can't help but imagine this being Max from camp camp now.

  4. Eternaldarkness3166 says:

    This is why I always flip the game board over all the time I play.

  5. Reed Dank says:

    Michael is the Dave Portonoy of Video games

  6. Daddy Smackya says:

    U can actually throw in the towel in a boxing match

  7. Ian Nations says:

    I think Andre was bankrupt, and Paul was the winner…

  8. Copeland Tait says:

    "wear ballet flats you moron"

  9. RockstarSummer says:

    2:35 BUTTS

  10. Roommate Agreements says:

    1:351:40 g i laughed so hard god i love Michael

  11. Lola Loud says:

    It was funny when you said that battleship should hit an iceberg

  12. Grizlerber says:

    in Monopoly if there's a time limit it's rarely enforced but it's there.

  13. Jelly_Finn says:

    I like how he complains about the roll taking forever, yet there is a button command to speed up in plain sight

  14. WWE Do You Smell What The Rock Cooking says:

    2nd best rage quit after Sonic spinball.

  15. Elias Almaraz says:


  16. BloodRed Robot says:


  17. RestlessNovacaine says:

    Who else watches this on a day to day basis? Lol

  18. Hetalia Took My Life- HTML says:


    You’re welcome

  19. HCPentz says:

    sweet i got $10!

  20. INSTIG8 / / Enlunix says:

    “You know how much walking you have to do in this game” “wear belly flats you moron”

  21. Gem Starling says:


  22. Dash Fam 21 says:

    The last place got bankrupt; apparently, that's why the game ended. Just an FYI… You're hilarious btw

  23. M4RKIF4RT says:

    McMansions? Oh So McDonalds Owns Mansions Now?

  24. spam thewonderful says:

    Did no one tell Michael that monopoly ends when the first player goes bankrupt, and the winner is the one with the most money

  25. Blazin' Blue says:

    Way to start it off with a MLP quote!

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