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r/gatekeeping | REAL MOMS ONLY [2] | Reddit Cringe | r/ gatekeeping can only be accessed by true rollerbladers that have liked, commented, and shared the video and have also subscribed to the channel with notifications turned on. This isn’t gate keeping , it’s just how you run a youtube channel.You wouldn’t know, because you’re not a real Youtuber until you have over 214,349 subscribers.

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31 Responses

  1. Cuestar says:

    I talked about mcchickens for like 3 minutes of this video, and I sincerely apologize

  2. Mimik says:

    I like the McChicken… Half the time. You either get a decent one or you get one that has been bathed in mayonnaise.

  3. sans says:

    yeehaw gta


    Y E E H A W G T A

  4. Andrea Rupe says:


  5. corey suico says:

    I hate pickles but love taking the pickles off of chick-fila sandwiches because the little bit of pickle juice makes it so much better

  6. pug cheese says:

    McChicken is god damn Gross

  7. Cori Cloud says:

    Ummm I don’t know if you’re being sarcastic about the grass thing and u actually knew what it meant but it means shaving the um Nono square areas

  8. AceNotThePlace says:

    Are people actually saying the mcchicken is the best. Fries are better

  9. Stellar Skies says:

    that depression one hit way too close to home. as a caucasian, heterosexual, cis-gender teenage girl with clinical depression I am disgusted. my mental illness does not care about my race, my, sexuality, my gender, or my age. It's a chemical imbalance in my system if I could stop my depression you best bet I would, but I can't. depression cares not for anything.

  10. Spaceman Spiff says:

    I can no longer support you. The mcchicken is incredible. It is basically its own currency. It is so customizable, so inexpensive, and amazing

  11. Kapitan Basura says:

    It's always about the Mcgangbang, it's like trying to separate two key pieces.

  12. Penelope Petite says:

    Hot and spicy fan- dip that thing into some sweet and sour sauce (yes the sandwich) and you got a McAwesome

  13. Cyan Walker says:

    McDonalds is shit and too expensive here in switzerland. You ain‘t getting shit for 1.- buck here :/
    I like going there like 2-3 times but thats about it. I like burgerking better but that us even more expensive for what you get.

  14. Ok HI:Cue says:

    McChicken is the fucking best

  15. Larrald Gerrald says:

    5:46 th-that was a joke …

  16. Yin Crowspike MSP says:

    The cosplay one Pissed me off.

  17. Green Cryptid says:

    I've seen the post at 5:40 at like,,, woosh

  18. Nicole Wilson says:

    90s kids gatekeepers are the worst

  19. Flooples Mooples says:

    yeehaw gta

  20. BobbyJenkins Plays says:

    Dude the Filet O Fish is fucking amazing, don't be a dick, it's the best fuck you

  21. Flooples Mooples says:

    It’s not racism if everyone get it

  22. Vincent Paul says:

    Lol funny story, I went to order the hot n spicy once, and the dude on the other side was confused. I realized they took it out for the mcchicken but I just thought it was funny how he didnt know what I was talking about.

  23. LegendOfLink102 says:

    I hate McDonald’s. Smite me lol

  24. Chihiro Cookie says:

    "you need to be gay to enjoy Bohemian rhapsodie" = a common sort of joke in the lgbt community, aka fake gatekeeping. By saying things like "xy is for gay people only" we poke fun at the fact a significant portion of straight people is still saying shit like "marriage is only for a man and a woman" or "gay people can't have kids" or stuff like that. We still get excluded pretty often in different social spaces ("oh my god, i can't relate to her, she's like an alien", "I won't change clothes in front of her", "why is her hair so short??" etc, etc.) so this is a very silly, not at all serious form of payback

  25. EJ H says:


    Very nice, throw Jew down well.

  26. Mackenzie Greenwood says:

    I guess I’m not severely depressed because I was born with a certain amount of melanin in my skin, I like the opposite gender, I wish to remain the gender I am because I don’t have a mental disorder that confuses me on what gender I am, I have been alive for at least 13 years but no more than 19 years, I was born biological what would classify me as a female of this species. Yes because the chemicals in my brain care about how I look and what preferences I have.

  27. Satanvfx says:

    The grass means you shave..

  28. maichiki yiist says:

    … I have eaten and enjoyed straight cacao tho…

  29. Kashootmeplease says:

    uh, yeehaw gta is very valid

  30. Casul OrNah says:

    Duuuude. 100% cacao chocolate is soooo gooood. Anything under 90% really sucks.

  31. Trash says:

    1:07.. I can't even say how mad this made me…

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