PUBG – Official Pan-demonium PlayStation 4 Launch Trailer

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What happens when you drop into a desert surrounded by enemies? You Loot, Fight, and Swing a pan to the top in PUBG for PS4!

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20 Responses

  1. Mad Bananas says:

    can anyone plz tell me the name of the song?

  2. EL3GY says:

    That was fcking awesome!

  3. Melia Wolf says:

    Only here for Nick Robinson

  4. NoAimJames says:

    I just started my YouTube channel, NoAimJames. I make PUBG montages and more. Go check it out!

  5. STARskater says:

    Don't underestimate the power of a frying pan!

  6. HausXstylz l says:

    Night mode hinted at the end

  7. Christopher Mendez says:

    Why the hell are they uploading a 21:9 video with black bars?

  8. boaz michael sharfshtein says:

    It's video very funny

  9. el gabox pro NIGGA says:

    The graphics are so great… Oh wait

  10. Sam McKenney says:

    By pandemonium they mean how well it's going to run

  11. prod. robwavecap says:

    I literally just saw Superfly. That’s homeboy

  12. It's Rustyyy says:

    Well this will be a buggy mess

  13. Rico Man says:

    Good luck fellas

  14. jumbojello says:

    HATE THIS!!!

  15. Ponyyish says:

    That pan surrender shot…

  16. Sweet Affliction says:

    I was like WOW at first though that scene in the cornfield really turned me off

  17. KC- CREATION says:

    Better humour compare to Fortnite trailers.

  18. Jaicor Rivas says:

    Les quedo bien ese anunciamiento

  19. godzilla 202020 says:

    pubg should be a movie it would be lots of fun

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