PS4 vs Xbox One Episode 6: Games

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The finale: how does the PS4 stack up vs Xbox One in games?
Catch up on the series!

For the final episode of my Xbox One vs PlayStation 4 comparison I take a look at gameplay of some of the best, most popular games for the Xbox One and PS4 including Halo 5, Star Wars: Battlefront, Until Dawn, Fallout 4, Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, Forza Motorsport 6 and many more to see which console has the best graphics, performance and games available to decide which wins the comparison.

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20 Responses

  1. Khalid says:

    Well time to get a ps4 shit

  2. Christopher Myles says:

    takes deep breath
    Scrolls into comment section

  3. i has a hotdog says:

    Still on Xbox 360 baby

  4. i has a hotdog says:

    That sad I just bought a Xbox one s

  5. Logan Kemp says:

    Now destiny 2 is 30 dollars that’s been engraved in my memory

  6. Michael Rothkopf says:

    You should really do a ps4 pro vs Xbox one x

  7. FatCroco Official says:

    I had a ps4 but then I bought xbox one S and threw the ps4 in the trashcan ps4 sucks..

  8. Halo Universe says:

    not to lie, but xbox had better exclusives, like halo, ad gears of war. But ps4 had better solo exclusives, like uncharted, or bloodborne. now pc has both, which makes it the overall "best". but they cost alot and the games can crash easily

  9. Kgoldstar says:

    PS4 is better in my opinion, but I still like Xbox one:)

  10. Olivier Brown says:

    Why does everyone say fortza

  11. LSSJ BROLY says:

    YES PS4444444444444444444

  12. LSSJ BROLY says:


  13. sabiha patel says:

    Xbox is way better

  14. Luis Rodriguez says:

    Ps4 for the win

  15. Vicki McGlaun Culpepper says:

    Ps4 uncharted I'm the best game ever!
    Xbox halo hold my beer.

  16. Your papi says:

    I have both consoles and have enough experience to state that the Xbox is mostly the better console. The Xbox lacks in the power point but it isn’t a big difference/deal considering that they looking practically the same on both consoles when playing third party games. The Xbox one controller feels better when in hand and even though I don’t like ps4 exclusives much, majority of the community do though I believe that gears of war 4 tops all exclusives but that’s just my opinion. I enjoy the Xbox software and find myself lost scrolling through the menus rather than playing games unlike ps4 where I’m usually on Netflix alone because of how bored I get. This is just my opinion so don’t get mad that I choose Xbox as the superior console

  17. Gamer 10 says:


  18. Just a Gamer says:

    Anybody that complains just owns a wii u

  19. Just a Gamer says:

    Lol sponsored ps4 had an 100% win Austin you idiot

  20. J. Smith says:

    Make a remastered version with Xbox one x Vs PlayStation plus

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