Pressman Toys SHARK BITE GAME review and Unboxing Best Board Games 2018 – Board Game Youtube Family

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Pressman Toys SHARK BITE GAME review and Unboxing Best Board Games 2018 – Board Game Youtube Family


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Shark week is here! Lets have a fun family game night with this Shark Bite game!

thanks to Goliath Games and Pressman Toy for providing this fun game

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  1. 4 Kids Toy Review says:

    Thanks for watching. Please check our new game we played "CONNECT 4 SHOTS", it was So FUNNY!!

  2. Numan Abuharbid says:

    Hey guys it’s me Numan i love your channel!!!

  3. Funny Man Dan says:

    Great video team. I love this toy.

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    Cool toy!

  5. Amel Kareem says:

    Do you speak Arabic?

  6. Amel Kareem says:

    Do you speak ar

  7. Amy-Lee Angel says:

    That is one cool toy!! Anything shark related is AWESOME!!! 😀

  8. Sofia Sunny says:

    друзья спасибо за классное настроение! Пальчик вверх! Пожалуйста заходите! Отличного дня! До встречи!

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    Hi Khalid it's layann

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    Cool fish! 🙂

  11. Toutacou says:

    Fun game great video!

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    Beautiful! Great vídeo! Super like!

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    LIKE 69!!!!!!SUPER VIDEO)))))

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    otimo video deixando meu like um grande abraço sucesso

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    awesome Video my friends

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    Buen video amigo!!!! Me gusta!!!! 😉

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    nice video,,

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    Very big like my friends. Your videos and the channel are amazing

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    Fun game! thanks for sharing!

  20. Kids World says:

    how much is it?

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    Fun toy

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    so fun!!!

  23. Bro Vision says:

    nicely done guys

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    Nice toy, great video, thumbs up

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    nice !

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