Pop It & Win Arcade Game At Dave & Buster’s – Ticket Redemption Game – Try To Pop The Balloon Bonus

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Did we mention how hard it is to pop the balloon and win the bonus?!?!? We’re here to tell you it IS! We watched other people blow the balloon up some before we took out bottle of helium and we can tell you that they were far less successful than us. To hit the 5 cranks so many times that is positioned right next to the “Instant Pop” and never land on the “Instant Pop” marker seems suspect. If you are after coupons/tickets, this game is pretty good. If you can stop the machine light close to the “Instant Win” marker, you can win 20 ticets, which is pretty good. Most people walking up to this game are downright, no apologies going for the “Instant Pop” to win the bonus and see the balloon completely inflated and hear it pop. If you go to Dave & Buster’s as much as we have in the last 3 months, your ears should tell ya something – you will almost never hear this “Pop It & Win” Arcade Game machine pop the balloon. We’ve hear it only twice ever. In other words, Pop It & Win should be considered more or maximizing your tickets/coupons won as opposed to attempting the overly challenging pursuit of popping the balloon and winning the big bonus. Still a reasonably fun arcade game to play with the family.

Pop It & Win Arcade Game – Redemption Arcade Game

Doc: “Recommended Arcade Game”
E.L.: “Recommended Arcade Game”
Rocky: “Recommended Arcade Game”
Piper: “Recommended Arcade Game”
The Maestro: “Recommended Arcade Game” “NOT recommended for pursuing the “Instant Pop”
M&M: “Recommended Arcade Game”

Dave & Buster’S Ticket Arcade & Restaurant
“Recommended By All Of Us”

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  1. Kadin Bell says:

    I mean cranks

  2. Kadin Bell says:

    I h ink it shrinks when you ar not getting crabks

  3. Alyssa Schultz says:

    I swear those balloons are made to be super stretched

  4. lola Panchenko says:

    iv one before

  5. AwsomeZombie XD says:

    awesome job also subscribed

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