Poker Vlog : All night he check, check, check! He trapped me!

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Venetian, Las Vegas NV
$2/$5 No Limit Holdem Cash Game ($1000 Cap Max Buy in)

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10 Responses

  1. acehole says:

    J9 hand is a fold against most players. You basically have a bluff catcher and not too many people raising as Bluffs on the river in 2/5 and below.

  2. acehole says:

    why the fuck did you think about it for awhile with 3d5d? that is a snap insta fist pump call. you have the 2nd nuts with a flush redraw. stop nit rolling people.

  3. sean arya says:

    dude your hand with J9 of clubs is always a fold, people don't bluff on the river normally especially when he has got you to bet the river. NEVER IS THAT A CALL, and definitely not an insta call

  4. Damian Barnard says:

    You sir, are an idiot. Goodluck.

  5. Darragh1984 says:

    Check the turn all day long in hand 2.

  6. Awesome Liberal says:

    Lol, the whale is all in!!! With $600……. Bahaha,,,, whale…? Dude, you are a fkn idiot!

  7. David Gray says:

    Put the pot size in your graphic

  8. Patrick Schultz says:

    OMG!!!!….. Boring and very Monotone!..sorry doesn't keep my interest and hearing the clicking of the mouse!…Really????

  9. Jeremy Kurbis says:

    Better.. I can hear you now.. well done

  10. David LS says:

    I love your vlogs! You inspire me! Do you play professionally—meaning that you get your income through poker?

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