Poker Goddess Liv Boeree vs Olivier Busquet – Beautiful Heads Up Poker

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Poker Goddess Liv Boeree vs Olivier Busquet – Beautiful Heads Up Poker Championship No Limit Texas Holdem.

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24 Responses

  1. will B says:

    i would never go all in before the flop unless im short stacked and desperate

  2. neumi107 says:

    How unlucky can you get ? She was leading after the flop almost all the time !

  3. Levi Clinton says:

    7:38 Moneymaker, lookin alluring

  4. Sarthak Jindal says:

    I've observed from youtube that poker is too women oriented at this show-biz level. Everybody just starts losing their minds when a woman plays her cards. This even affects the game and other players on the table. Stop overrating women in poker and especially bluffing.

  5. Obalit says:

    Men are better than women and this proves it

  6. NauticalStrings says:

    Liv is transgender.

  7. Perry Nicholson says:

    Why was this even posted…Busquet was running so hot Liv didn't have a chance…

  8. Shred Head says:

    She was too passive, she had some opportunities to win some of these hands.

  9. Alex Rose says:

    Oh that's cool, googled her, she graduated from the same physics department as me

  10. Million says:

    Poor playe

  11. Keramat Boy says:

    why is the quality literally 244p?

  12. Repeal the 19th MGTOW says:

    Slightly above average looking less than average poker player is not a "Poker Goddess" – you tried though – A for effort. You could have REACHED a bit more and maybe made that claim for Maria Ho – she's still kind of hot post-wall and is an above average poker player.

  13. Michael Hunt says:

    240p What. The. Fuck..

  14. Joseph A says:

    She has bad luck but I have even worse then this. I just lost $600 the other day having an A 4 2 pair sensing a bluff of all in of someone going for the straight with 4 cards out & then the last card gets him his straight (it was about a 15% chance for him)

  15. Mark Power says:

    Liv'in on a prayer….

  16. Derick Velarde says:

    Staight ? Didnt even bet lol

  17. andris antal says:

    She is terrible player, but she think, she is very good..:))

  18. Alan Lloyd says:

    No skill required when you get your miracle card every fucking hand. Liv was right in commenting on it.

  19. Bradley Rowland says:

    Does anyone notice the awful attempt of a New York accent from terrible announcer lol! Pretty bad attempt

  20. Robert C. Christian says:

    Busquet, pre-roids. Kinda tiny!

  21. Darkest Knight says:

    He only won from having the nuts every fuck hand

  22. Tommy Kyle says:

    He isn’t that good. Just some goof

  23. widowmkr87 says:

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