PlayStation TV Unboxing and Review by PlayStation LifeStyle

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New Review: “Controller Modz Custom PS4 Controller Review”


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30 Responses

  1. cjewe1z says:

    Did they add Netflix and other set top box features?

  2. FreddygamingYT_ Playz says:

    Can I play call of duty black ops 3 on pstv

  3. Mauricio Becerra says:

    Woooooooooooow best review


    I liked it but it need some heavy games like ps4

  5. Baiju Baburajan says:

    Can you play the Ratchet and Clank Collection on it?

  6. j. cho says:

    Will it work if you dont have ps4?

  7. [ Ninja Boy ] says:

    This is why they called PS VITA
    PS TV They exchange the VT
    And added I and A
    And now PS vita

  8. blue Star 5017 says:

    Hey man, what type of benefits do you get when you play the playstation tv?

  9. the better stick says:

    So can i play mortal kombat x on this thing?

  10. Nego Luiz says:

    Can you play physical games discs or just games that it's downloaded on the main PS4 console?

  11. stugots84 says:

    If you have Hulu and or netflix on your ps4 and you have ps tv you can get ride of Roku.

  12. RAD says:

    I wanna buy a ps4 pro but I do not have 4k TV and my PC monitor is 19 inch I can or not ?? or I have to buy a PlayStationslim ?

  13. RAD says:

    ps4 slim??

  14. Chris 1Pug says:

    Yes you can get Netflix I got it

  15. CJ7xCFC2 says:

    Is there a major lag when you use it to play ps4

  16. mihir vijayvirgiya says:

    if I doesn't have any PlayStation so can the PS TV run games directly with the controller.

  17. Oggy Cather says:

    Haha! i get it "i wish this was the size of my wallet" that wallet is full of the cash you get from playstation lifestyle

  18. Donald Duck says:

    Fell star

  19. Evert Van Bavel says:

    So i can play on this without having a ps?

  20. Κωστας Πανολιας says:

    it works with ps3 controller??

  21. Michal Augustyniak says:

    Can you show actual TV feature, viewing all available channels.

  22. Rodney Avery says:

    no controller what

  23. Alejandro Alarcon-Hernandez says:

    would you want a pstv if you got a ps4?

  24. Zaldi Pascua says:

    What is the size of your tv,?

  25. Tanzim Ali says:

    can u ply gta 5

  26. voL supreme says:

    Subscribe to my channel

  27. Naivedya Tulsyan says:

    can we play ps3 games on pstv

  28. tilly0191 says:

    3.18 can someone tell me what the difference id between uk english and usa english, menu selection?

  29. AnimeNoel says:

    I got a fighting game Blazeblue on vita, can I play with my friend split screen ?

  30. Kingly says:

    Can the PS4 controllers touch pad work in place of the ps vita's touch pad?

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