PlayStation Classic is out and having major problems! Reports of bricked systems!

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33 Responses

  1. Dater Chip says:

    As an IT support tech, I can confirm people are very stupid and getting worse every day. After 30 years of computers I still get people asking me where the "Start" menu is.

  2. Stephen Sheen says:

    I'll just stick with my Raspberry Pi

  3. Booger The Clown says:

    Just build you a retro pie, cheap, easy, and and it plays whatever tf you want.

  4. MrDevious85 says:

    The Shin Megami Tensei Persona game on there is indeed the first Persona game. It had "Shin Megami Tensei" in the title since the game started out as one of the many spinoffs of that game series.

  5. DomeCitySandman says:

    Doom, Gran Turismo & Mortal Kombat would've been nice. I liked Disruptor as well.

  6. BluePeregrinus says:

    It’s not worth the hundred dollars on a rushed dedicated console. ‘Nuff said.

  7. Ball ofgrime says:

    Interesting, and are any of the mini Nintendo consoles malfunctioning?

  8. Hardware Wars says:

    Should have bought an Okama Game Sphere.

  9. Mortal V says:

    Yes, that is the first Persona game. The Revelations moniker were how the Shin Megami Series distaff games were being labeled. Revelations: The Demon Slayer (Last Bible in Japan) was on Gameboy in the US.

    Like a lot of stuff at the time, Persona was retrofitted to seem like it took place in America, and even had someone turned into a black guy. It also had half of the game gutted (tech the data is on the disc if I recall) with the Snow Queen path removed. A dick monster coming out of a guy's stomach could also be a reason for the removal (look that up when you're bored – Snow Queen Quest: Penis Demon). #MalinMilita #WolfMilk #WolfPack #YellowFlashNowHasKurtEichenwaldSearchHistoryimeanwutLOL.

    The PSP release of Persona brought back the missing content and changed names/appearances back to normal. Songs were changed in the PSP one to match the pop vibe from the later releases though. I enjoy both, but I can see people missing the original darker vibe on the PS-1 version. The 'what we think they are singing' lyrics are pretty hilarious –

  10. Navnlos Stream says:

    First the censorship and now this. SOnY is unironically killing himself

  11. Hernandez Arêdes says:

    I believe the PS2 runs PS disks. It's probably easier to find a PS2 in good shape than the first gen.

  12. Allie-RX says:

    It's easy to hack. All you need is a keyboard (specifically an expensive Corsair gaming keyboard) and just hit the Esc key.

  13. Another Channel says:

    Well, what did you expect when they moved their HQ to commiefornia? If they're smart they'll move it back to Japan before they go broke.

  14. Floofie kun says:


  15. Another Channel says:

    Aren't all PS1 games backwards compatible with PS2 and PS3? Nah fam, I'll just bye some discs if I want to play an old game, no reason to buy a little emulator box. If I'm really desperate I'll download an emulator and play with a system that isn't faulty.

  16. Snake56 says:

    Soyny in a nutshell. They only care about making cinematic experiences these days.

  17. Simple Green says:

    PAL has a lower frame rate, but a higher resolution, ymmv.

  18. Polverine74 says:

    It’s not worth playing the money to play 32 bit games with a small and crappy library of games wtf is Sony thinking

  19. Byron Odwazny says:

    Can buy a PSOne and get the used games you want. Reminds me of the Sega consoles they’ve been putting out lately.

  20. Yukiko Asakura says:

    No Tomb Raider?
    Wasn't gonna get one anyway.

  21. Zurku says:

    Rather play PS1 Games on Desktop/Computer also u can Mod them

  22. WILL GRIFFIN says:

    I'm so glad I kept all my old systems, all they had to do was re-release the final compact version from years past and put all games on a card..

  23. Victor Von Doom Jr. says:

    I don't get it. Buy a PS2 and enjoy your PS1 games and periphals.

  24. Distal says:

    Oddworld makes sense to me.

  25. SPELL SOCKS says:

    Mr driller? That's got to be porn

  26. DeathMetalRob says:

    my original ps1 still works and if i needed another one there are plenty of cheap ones at the used video game store near me or online. heard game selection is not great either.

  27. Soundwave 84 says:

    Well at least they're tryibg to do what NintenDO

  28. ColonelSanders17 says:

    I'll just play MGS on my original playstation

  29. No Filter says:

    The n 64 will suffer the same fate

  30. Animal Mother 80 says:

    Lazy and not worth $100. 🙁

  31. Jose Barajas says:

    My question is how Ape Escape wasn’t on it?!?!

  32. Think Fight Talk says:

    If you remake a system, remake the PS2, the best system Sony has made. (My first console)

  33. Josh EverHard says:

    I still have PlayStation 2 to play old games

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