Playing World of Warcraft using the Emotiv EPOC

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This video shows our control framework being used with the Emotiv EPOC ( device. The Emotiv EPOC is an input device which picks up head movements, facial expressions and brain-waves. In combination with our control framework we were able to perform some basic gameplay tasks in the popular massively multiplayer online roleplaying game (MMORPG) World of Warcraft (by Blizzard Inc.).

The movements of the avatar are controlled by head rotations. The facial expression ‘smile’ is used to attack the next nearby enemy using various spells. For jumping we used the facial expression ‘raise eyebrows’ (not shown in this video).

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39 Responses

  1. Christina Taft says:

    This is great! Now it can do more than gaming and I hope it goes well for Aedan VR (Aedan OS . net).

  2. ovando carter says:

    thats is exactly how I would want to play the game

  3. Joe C says:

    You said Epoch. Do you mean the pre-gen "epoch" or the new-gen "epoch+". Maybe the software is better now too.

    Although my goal is to use the motor cortex to mimic RL motion and then (the risky part) induce a temporary quadriplegic condition non-invasively and hope that memory and software can solve a potential proprioception issue.

  4. The Consortium says:

    Really good videos, We have the same content

  5. Tesseltjuhhxx says:

    Hey there! I currently have an Emotiv Epoc and I would like to try this. Could you let me now how I can do this? Do I need to download your software or is it possible to play WoW handsfree without it? Thank you!

  6. Patrick Nelson says:

    i dont get it how to you press skills?

  7. Snickety Dews says:

    my gosh…its glorious…

  8. Xcessity says:

    This video uses the gyro sensor and facial expressions. I do not use any of the mental commands as they are not reliable.

  9. Steven Landry says:

    How did you train it so well??!? I can spend hours training it but can barely get it to recognize 2 directions…

  10. Pablo santos says:

    Imagine that with oculus rift

  11. Kill says:

    How much did this cost?

  12. Hastein710 says:

    what if you combine Emotiv + Occulus rift + Dragon speaker.
    No more computer/xbox/PS4 needed.

  13. Demon Eye X || Amac says:

    At least people who are paralyzed from the neck down can game now too.

  14. Ally Jackson says:

    I feel like this type of control is what can be used in VR to do things like moving.

  15. Vohasiiv says:

    Im freeking out this is so awesome! I want it!

  16. Zett378 says:

    1 step closer to sao

  17. RelevarT says:


  18. Kingofhacks says:

    this and oculus rift would be like sao, except it isnt fully immersive.. it only covers sight and hearing. touch, smell and taste would be harder… but this would do for the time being. i also heard this thing needs a lot of concentration

  19. Xor Vex says:


  20. Xor Vex says:


  21. Cooldude_Gaming says:

    someone make sao

  22. Adam Dev says:

    can you not just record brain activity and map it to some function, there must be lots of other ways of doing this

    i was just imagining myself with a headset recording activity while making link move forward in ocarina of time, do it a bunch of times, have the software recognize the pattern given off when you move forward

  23. Vandir says:

    Fuck future….

  24. Bullet says:

    This is defiantly not mind control. everytime he moves his head a tiny bit his character moves and twitches his nose it does attacks. I won't beileve this until I see this work on a game that requires much more controls than WoW where I could beat the game with one hand.

  25. nouhadonosor says:

    like a boss

  26. Matheus Amaral says:


  27. Kaloyan Stoyanov says:

    Now i have to find a way to eat and drink without doing anything and i can sit on the computer for my whole life. <3

    P.S. : No need toilet, i can overcome the sh*t in my pants.

  28. spidolino says:

    He's not controlling it with his mind, but his mouth muscles and with head movement

  29. GCortesMtz says:

    It would be great if you crowd-source this development project to start selling it in big scale

  30. Ganagati says:

    Do you intend to make the app available for download at some point? I'd be willing to pay for such an app, for sure, if it was available. I'd certainly become involved in a kickstarter if it meant early access.

  31. Xcessity says:

    Currently it is not for download, sorry.

  32. Ty George says:

    Sweet … Got a download available anywhere?

  33. Xcessity says:

    Hi, this is done with my own app. It works similarly but it's far more powerful in terms of simulation options.

  34. Ty George says:

    Was this done via the hotkey programming? Or done with a unique app?

  35. Xcessity says:

    It is. Let's see what the "Emotiv Insight" will bring us.

  36. jperez says:

    The configuration of this thing looks like an annoying and long process.

  37. Cim Stordal says:

    gaba and glycine (Why you don`t move when you sleep) takes care of that 🙂 Just to find a way to induce it

  38. Wrapperup says:

    Now, all we need is a device that disables motor function in the human body, and a developer to create a game like SAO.

  39. nuke dukem says:

    It would be cool to get this device just for the head tracking. Especially for flight simulation. Unfortunately I don't think there is any support for it.

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