Players BANNED FOR LIFE from Fallout 76!

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So Bethesda has decided to ban some Fallout 76 players from the game FOR LIFE. You heard right: FOR LIFE. No coming back to the Wasteland. Plus more controversies surrounding this canvas bag in the Power Armor Edition…Just going to leave an lol here at this point.

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31 Responses

  1. Open World Games says:

    Thanks everyone for watching. Do you think the PERMENANT ban was justified? Let me know. Also, sorry about the mic quality on this one. Looking into it. Don't know what happened. Weird!

  2. Archie's Gaming says:

    I don't condone the behavior of the people who were banned….frankly, it's very immature, but I'm worried that F76 will go in the "Overwatch" direction and start catering to the weakest and most sensitive (SJWs) of their base….it's pathetic. Go browse on the OW forums and you'll find endless posts bitching about how the new hero isn't a gay minority or a Palestinian…… if this game reaches that level of cancer, I'll just put all my time into Red Dead Online.

  3. Archie's Gaming says:

    Let's be realistic, this is the result of there not being much to do in the game once you launch a few nukes. This story sounds like it's straight out of 2015 Garry's Mod. Give 76 time, and you'll end up seeing bored players RPing as Nazis + speaking German. It happens in games where there isn't much substance, but there IS an online component to it.

  4. Jessica Leonard says:

    Baby, it's cold outside

  5. Euram says:

    They shouldnt get banned they are right. Gays suck

  6. ZAcH Peterson says:

    Waaaaaaah! Waaaaaaaah! What a bunch of whiney plebs. Of course they shouldnt have gotten banned, especially for life. Censorship will only lead to create the very thing you seek to stop. They could have just easily muted the a-holes. Giving into trolls is what they want. Ignoring them will stop them instantly

  7. Squipi Dingcheek says:

    This is unjust and Bethesda is sjw? They don’t deserve this at all it is just a joke Bethesda is a libtard I personally am a homophobe but even if I assent I would still think this, but I now hate Bethesda.

  8. Crazy DrZed says:

    I am sick and f**** tired about you guys playing PVP needs to be better PVP should not exist we have enough of that and f**** schools when people get bullied all the time you don't even Video Games 2 because he won't play video games to get away from The Real World and if PVP is in the game they just get bullied I've been getting attacked repeatedly and I don't even want to be in PvP but they attack me why can't people just leave me alone

  9. metromelody18 says:

    well their response was they don't regret it the act so why would they bother going back.

  10. VIncent Mannuzza says:

    I agree that this person was asking for troublepersonally I wouldn't have banned him for life I just would have gave him like 3 months Banding but it also you have to look at bethesda's point of veiw

  11. Jayk Poo says:

    For life! Sounds stupid like your begging for veiws 400$ for a new console isnt pricey a new account with a new disc 0:30 still cant grapple ledges is it even worth the material to make the cd at this point Bethesda?

  12. Some Guy says:

    Should have perma-banned the loser who reported these guys. What a fucking pansie. Permanently ruining other people's fun just because they said some mean words.

  13. XSmokeACheezeX says:

    They can just make a New account wtf

  14. Sam Starr says:

    I'll say they did the right thing. I've dealt with this my life and games are a nice place to escape the harsh world we already have to deal with daily, so yeah, bravo Bethesda.

  15. That Guy says:

    you know I think that this was taken out of hand. banning them for a month would have been all fine and dandy but a perma-ban should not be a justifiable punishment for these people. I do think people can take dark comedy too seriously these days to where its come to a point where a joke is taken as this terrible thing. I think people should calm down and there is a mute button so these people could have muted those people at any time. there is literally a way to block someone from the session where these people could have blocked them and not been able to hear them anymore. This is just my opinion so you can believe what you want to believe but I think it is a little overkill to permanently ban somebody from a game that they spent 60 dollars on.

  16. Allen says:

    On harassment issue. Now A some of us get this on a daily life basis. We don't need it online. Although some still do it them to. I will also say the what IF issue. Dam right.What if it was do to your skin color,ethnicity,sex,religion. Sad that unless you are the one getting harassed. The rest just shrug and think. "Not my problem". "It isn't that bad" "Get over it". Right you tell yourself that. On the life ban. The problem with this is no 1 answer fits all. A 3 day or week can, but not always work. It depends to each person. Some I think a life ban is warranted. Depending what they do. It might just be one word or a few, but some can go on for a half hour +. Then some go out of their way also and do this to all gameing sessions,rooms,servers. This deserves a total ban.

  17. Mik Johnstone says:

    Yes, it serves them right, they deserve the ban. Hopefully, Bethesda will forward the names ip addresses to other Game platforms and gaming communities, Like Steam, Origin, etc etc etc,
    Maybe if there were more bans like this across all Gaming Communities, then idiots wouldn't idiot in games making the whole gaming experience a lot better for folk

  18. Kenneth D. Aston Jr. says:

    WOW banned for life, WTF how is that even possible? Why not just mute them or block them

  19. Jarrett Vice says:

    to those saying just mute them…. just block them… that doesn't cut it, we've allowed pathetic scum like this to go on and on, its about damn time to start putting these pathetic fucks in their place. should they have been banned for life… no they should have had their tongues cut out, and paraded on the streets as homophobes. they should be publicly whipped right along side their white supremacist fellows. if you can't fucking play nice with other humans stay out of public places, just stay home, just go away no one likes you not even yourselves

  20. Brandon Grovogel says:

    Remember Bethesda, you wanted every person to be a real person. This is what you get when you ask people to put there own story into the game. Not that it makes it right but it's more a mark against Bethesda it would seem. I don't own the game so I haven't read the terms but this stuff should be stated in there. Permanent is too extreme, more like a several month ban for a paid game. Or permanent ban from that server, assuming it's the one the server the incident occurred on. In game reporting would definitely help. Not to mention that if some better form of pvp existed, people could at least push back.

  21. Brandon Carbee says:

    Just watched the vid of them. Holy shit, are people really that butthurt concerning what is in 90% of gaming? If you get offended with that, online gaming ISNT for you. Especially COD. What POS SJW bullshit now and days. We know they were actually gay since their anuses were bleeding due to "words from meanies."

  22. Au, Thor! says:

    Atm I got over 2000 caps. I mean, there were times I was broke at but if you manage your money you have enough to sacrifice to uh… the… fast travel gods of caps, I guess? Who gets the caps anyway?

  23. Nicklas Berg says:

    BANNED AND GOT THEYRE INFO LEAKED!! yay poeple gotta be so happy haha sue sue SUUUEEE! 😉

  24. chinchillin b says:

    They shoildnt have been banbed in the first place

  25. Eseseus E says:

    We don't need anymore hater's in the world, I'd ban them permanently

  26. darren stienbarger says:

    Oh I'm deeply offended that other people are offended about the incident. If you want a world where everyone gets along and says nothing bad then you want a true Fallout world where nukes dropped and everyone is dead. War never changes and neither does the human aspect. People are going to be mean. People are not going to get along get over it.

  27. JoAnn Hempen says:

    So maybe banning for life is harsh. I watched the video and if the guy could have played it off as a joke maybe it wouldn’t have gone this far, but griefers wanna grief and there is no stopping them. I think Bethesda needs to come up w/ non PVP servers. It may not fix all the trolls but at least it would give them less incentive since another player can’t be killed.

  28. Anthony Valentin says:

    Is getting ban from 76 really a punishment?

  29. Twisted Grillz says:

    Wasnt me so Idgaf ban them all for life.

  30. Crystaldragon 56 says:

    Intolerance is no excuse they deserve it

  31. Skygen says:

    The homophobic ones deserved that 😀 How could they share support to LGBTQ community without doing anything here ? They would have so much problems.

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