Play All Xbox 360 games on VR (Virtual Reality)

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APPLICATION i used; FP Viewer:

This video will show you how to play xbox 360 games on your virtual reality glasses.
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Get your Xbox 360 AV cables (the one which comes with your xbox 360 console) then connect the yellow one (which is the video cable) to the yellow one of the capture card (EasyCap). Attach the OTG cable to capture card and then connect to your smartphone. Now for audio you have to left and right sound: you can connect them to your headphones or your any speakers. The cables I used are AV cables. Open the FP viewer application (link is mentioned above) choose the settings I used in this video and surely you will see the display on yours smartphone.


cable I used; xbox 360 AV cable:

easycap 2.0 I used:

AV cables I used with heaphones:

OTG cable:

VR Glasses I used:


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Music: Warriyo – Mortals (NCS Release) NO COPYRIGHT.

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