Plague Inc: Official Scenarios – Ultimate Board Games (Mega Brutal)

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Seriously, Plague Inc. Get me a copy of your game, I’d review it.

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No copyright infringement intended. Plague Inc. Evolved copyright is owned by their respective owners which includes but is not limited to Ndemic Creations. I did not make the game (or assets) and do not claim to. I do claim recording the video and audio associated with this playthrough.

Music credit:
“Shake Down”
by Gavin Luke
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43 Responses

  1. Justin Mark Rivera says:

    They changed the death toll into number of sales but wasn't able to change the skull symbol next to the sales.

  2. Isaac -P says:

    Can Somebody help me? I did exactly the same and even better runs. I have beat it 200 days on Mega Brutal and i only get 1 Star every fucking time. I play on Ps4 and have all other achievements and Trophys.

  3. Richard Dougherty says:

    I made a game with literally everything in design and I won pretty easily.

  4. Johan Cahyadi says:

    Love this scenario

  5. The26 says:

    Flea Slayer

  6. Bionic Plague says:

    I played that scenario and got 5 billion sales. Want to check it?

  7. Aaron Key says:

    This does not work properly on ps4, has anyone else had this?

  8. arda berk says:

    intrested = infected symbol
    sales = death symbol

    something went worng

  9. NuclearNooberGoober says:

    I guess Greenland praises pravus

  10. Eugene III says:

    Refers to Germany. Clicks on Poland. Is pravus a Nazi?

  11. kev kirk says:

    wait a minute pravus has a patreon?

  12. Kaka Hass says:

    Praise CEO pravus

  13. Jochen Giovanniello says:

    What the hell is this

  14. lyle morrison says:

    A humor,war,strategy game where have we heard that before? oh yeah i know

  15. The Android Patriot says:

    Bought dice rolling
    Didn't buy dice.
    That's just great Pravus!

  16. Depressed Max says:

    Don’t get much complexity

  17. Depressed Max says:

    I only got one mega brutal star

  18. Bryan Barcelo says:

    Praise Pravus…

  19. Billy Calder says:

    2.4 billion copies sold with a 4+ player game. You have basically 100% saturation in the population as every new sale is to a person who likely already has someone close to them who owns the game in the first place. Just ensuring no one has to pack the game and take it with them at this point as wherever the party is the game is already there.

  20. A14418525 12 says:

    Spooky scary skeletons

  21. Cent says:

    its funny when you just select everything in the design section and then watch the news and pop ups talking about your game

  22. popular bg gamer says:

    Yu gi oh is the best

  23. Kenzie Retro says:

    i've had several attempts to get three stars on this and yet (even after selling over 1 billion units) i still can't get it

  24. John Quigg says:

    Does Pravus have a discord?

  25. Under-Gamer ! says:

    I absolutely loved this scenario. It was my favorite out of all the main scenarios, just because it was unique. BUT IT'S REALLY HARD WITH THE 2 YEAR DEADLINE. I Don't know, I'm probably just a noob

  26. Ray Nightshade says:

    Wish Here I Stand did this well

  27. dusttale sans! says:

    I will never buy this

  28. James Hutcherson says:

    Huh. They didn't change the tooltips.

  29. Andy Leung says:

    If it was Necroea Virus zombies would be fans

  30. kaleb dokey says:

    did… did he just say a bluffing co-operative game would be cool?

  31. Savage Banana’s says:

    No $2383422250 because it’s a board game.

  32. Julia Campos says:

    Ever wondered how Trouble became Famous?

  33. Isabel Balderas says:

    Pravus did you make a board game

  34. Twinboost779 says:

    Lazarbeam outro

  35. ButterSquids VLOGS says:

    I wish this was on the mobile version of plague inc!

  36. cat god himself says:


  37. treehugger0241 says:

    I named a board game "Celestial Storm", and something about the design I chose tripped the "Risk-y business" combo which infected several countries before I even started development. I ended up with 6.8 billion sales and the only thing I wish I did was how-to videos, going by the news ticker.

  38. Hayley Ferme says:

    If greenland likes it that mush then next time you try to destroy the world, place some pathogens inside a praise pravus box, and what do you know! your in greenland faster then anyone eslses virus and its no longer an annoying country! W A H O O !

  39. xRAINxOFxBLOODx says:

    9:33 IRL The Queen was given a Wii as a gift. She loved it.
    I guess the joke was that afterwards nintendo released a royalty inspired Wii?

  40. xRAINxOFxBLOODx says:

    So I saw the icon for the 'adult' genre and I was like "Why is it a whale?" Is that a big dick joke?
    And then I saw it again… oh I see it's a rabbit… Ooohhhhh…

  41. Dario Marvulli says:

    "Explosive headset makes PUBG "fully realistic"".

  42. Simon SillyBoi says:

    The progress bar reminds me of street fighter.

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