Picross Puzzles Don’t Look Like Anything: P020

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24 Responses

  1. Shadou Wolf says:

    a what now?

  2. Cabalex says:

    y-yeah, I knew that!

  3. Gr3nad3_Man1c says:

    Is this loss?

  4. Totally True Facts says:


  5. Gabriel Reviews says:

    Are you going to make another Christmas special

  6. Dick Wolf says:

    When's your Overcooked review coming out? I hear it has a really good Switch port.

  7. Beetlespeaks says:

    Hatsune mike

  8. Ghoulie Ghost says:

    I saw a cigarette smoking a staircase

  9. xxliquidrave says:


  10. Oliver Daye says:

    Shut up nick

  11. MooseMan says:

    So that’s what Picross is all about.

  12. DethGears says:


  13. inky skink says:


  14. Carcrafter7 says:

    You fool its obviously a staircase smoking a cigarette. How can you not see this modern masterpiece.

  15. darkhill says:

    the wrong way!

  16. AverageGamingPlAyEr says:

    It's art boys.

  17. Oyster Barron says:

    i thought exactly the same, may i suggest playing Picross 3D?

  18. Rinelight says:


  19. Grozdor HNNW says:

    Paint me like one of your staircase smoking a cigarette

  20. BroEli94 says:

    plz stream.

  21. Mega Chen says:

    stop playing 3×3 babby mode

  22. yepisuredolikecats says:

    well obviously, it's a minecraft painting you fool

  23. Boltaan'jistman says:


  24. Aweirdanomaly says:

    Modern art in a nutshell

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