Phuture Noize – A New Day | Official Video

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A New Day is out now on Q-dance Records:

“A New Day is the follow-up of my album Black Mirror Society, which I released earlier this year. This EP contains three brand-new never before heard tracks. Just as the album, this EP focuses on the impact of social media on our lives. The title track, A New Day, is especially linked to this theme, as it expresses the hope for a less digital-addicted world. This track is also the ‘sequel’ to We Are The Future, the final track of Black Mirror Society. In my opinion, this really is a track that motivates you to make the most out of your day, even when everything is against you. One of the track’s lyric is: “When the world starts to crumble, I am looking for diamonds in the rubble”, which roughly translates to ‘fuck the world, I’ll find my own happiness’.”
– Phuture Noize

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Want to hear A New Day live? Phuture Noize is playing at the ultimate hardstyle New Year’s Eve party: WOW WOW.
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40 Responses

  1. TKB says:

    like the melody but the kick can be way better

  2. Black Identity says:

    Someone get inspired by B-front… 😉

  3. Strafzettel says:


  4. n00b1t0 says:

    Headhunterz – A New Day is better!

  5. Luciano Henríquez says:

    Sapo ctm bueno pa sacar temas bknes por la chucha te amooooo sapo qloo! <3

  6. woncus says:

    Phuture Noize why are you so fucking good!?!? #1 2018

  7. Jesus Martinez says:

    Nice track.

  8. Gabriel Torres says:

    Futuro Noize number one music hardstili…

  9. Bere Mendelsohn Pierre says:

    Siempre haciendo música genial (':

  10. David Brown says:

    The message of Black Mirror Society is really important, specifically in the Hardstyle scene where plenty of energy is being very clearly put in the wrong places right now. That having been said, It's taken me about this long to get down to Phuture Noize's sound. I suppose I'm slowly growing tired of kicks being too big, even though I'm a sucker for scale. This is clearly message music. It flows in the melody. It's in the artwork, and the vocals.

    Marco, how you got Q-Dance on your side for this is beyond me, but I'm glad you did. It's a wonderful album.

  11. DragonXtraNuts says:

    Why cant i vote for this track for Top 100!!!! This needs to be there!!

  12. xUnbeatable Diva says:

    Masterpiece! Heard it and it touches me so deep that I just stopped and began to cry!

    Thanks Marco! You have turned the Harderstyles much more into the greatest thing on earth.

  13. Bryancool247 says:

    This song helps me so murch when i am sad❤️❤️Great ji. Phuture noize❤️❤️❤️


    VELOCIDAD 1.25. FIRE!!!!

  15. Paul O'Neill says:

    What a tune listen to it for a week now it just keeps getting better hardstyle is the phuture noize

  16. Exo dus says:

    Bloody hell Marco how do you keep coming up with those amazing melodies?

  17. FW925 says:

    You're a boss dude. KEEP GOING.

  18. rjb2002 says:

    Wanneer komt deze op spotify??

  19. Emil Jostedal says:

    Hands down one of the best tracks I've ever heard. Something magic about Marco and his music.

  20. D-Attack says:

    BOMB! <3

  21. kevoman66 says:

    Best set at Qlimax enjoyed this one with a good sound system there XD

  22. Emily Andrews says:

    Phuture Noize is one of my favorite artists. He brings this type of newness to hardstyle. The sounds are so beautifully aggressive.

  23. Philotez says:

    Am I the only one that felt like the sound mastering was weird af on the drop part ?

  24. Paul Tillier says:


  25. weco says:

    Another beautifull track! Your stile is truly unique

  26. Нурфил swadikap says:


  27. Stephan Janssen says:

    Thank you for your vision and dedication towards hardstyle.

    Yesterday, Qlimax, was out of this world. Never seen so much emotion in a set.

  28. Storm69Jumper says:

    From the first tracks i know that You do that. You are The legend.
    This style is making new days in hardstyle.
    Well done man… well done 🙂
    Vision of B-front but it's more…

  29. Marcin Kowalski says:

    i think Phuture Noize should be make the Qlimax anthem of this year!

  30. Leonardo Sandi says:

    Faaaaaaaaarrkkk phuture noize mi dj favorito

  31. Ruletitas A tuti says:

    Really, great one.

  32. Kristian Van Den Berge says:

    nice one, but the vocals sound kinda loud compared to the melody which results in a weird volume-difference between those two

  33. Nex_XT !?! says:

    Wen sieht man auf Qlixmax 2018?!?!?!

  34. asminmalware kungzaza says:

    Live for a new day 😉
    Waiting for full ep. 12/06

  35. Woofer21 says:

    Phuture Noize = Pure and true Hardstyle ♥

  36. Muaz Jasman says:

    what true hardstyle is!!

  37. Adam Gallacher says:

    I'm liking this the more I hear it. 2 weeks till I see you rock Glasgow

  38. ESTILOS HARD says:

    Muy bueno:)

  39. Pommes2oo9 says:

    2018…. what a year so far, pure hardstyle gold

  40. patrickvienna says:

    Can't wait for tomorrow #Qlimax

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