People, Systems, and the Game of Monopoly

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An extended clip from a presentation by Allan G Johnson on race given at the University of Wisconsin, including using the the game of Monopoly to illustrate the relationship between individuals and social systems and a description of the system of white privilege. For more information on Allan G. Johnson visit

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6 Responses

  1. Mike s says:

    very interesting and thought provoking video.. thanks ( he did miss out Shrek lol )

  2. simpleprogrammer says:

    What is the date of the presentation? I didn't see that explicitly stated… same date as the 'published' date?

  3. Xenophrenia says:

    aw – seems I wounded someone's white male privilege with facts … 😉

  4. Xenophrenia says:

    another good one on privilege and how it works

  5. Allen Cosby says:

    I love the way he talks about "the world" as being white-oriented. He completely ignores that India, China and other Asian nations (a huge section of the world's population) are very much NOT white oriented. 

  6. Xenophrenia says:

    posted again by request 😉 … (though it doesn't take much to get me to put this out there)

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