Pentology Intro – Fantasy Card Games

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An introduction to the adventure card deck that can be used to play many fantasy card games. Explanation of basic mechanics. The deck can be used to play solitaire, strategy, storytelling, memory, character creation, and adventure fantasy card games.

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11 Responses


    cant find any sites that have them

  2. pentologygames says:

    @knightowl89 Thanks! and yes, you can absolutely order it off the site. I'd like to see some more videos myself… player-created videos! 🙂

  3. ZurielRedux says:

    @pentologygames Awesome! So I can still order off of the site then? Good luck at GenCon, I hope you guys to well, and I'd love some more videos of games you can play with this. The ideas seem endless!

  4. pentologygames says:

    @knightowl89 Yes, it's still supported, even if the website doesn't function as well as we'd like. We'll (finally) be showcasing it at GenCon this week.

  5. ZurielRedux says:

    is this still available/ supported? it looks interesting, i want to pick it up

  6. pentologygames says:

    @mc3260 currently I have games listed for 1 player and up to 10 players. The different game rules can be found on the website. (link is in the video description)

  7. pentologygames says:

    @vorlenjeans they deck isn't for sale until Oct 11th. You can find it on the website then. The cards are much easier to understand (and see) when you have them in hand.

  8. pentologygames says:

    @MegaDeadTerrorist haha, me too. When they first got to me from the printer I was shocked with how shiny they were. The manufacturers did a great job.

  9. pentologygames says:

    @simpledamon Glad to hear it. Hope the other games are fun too when you can get a group together.

  10. simpledamon says:

    superior card construction. I am enjoying the solitaire play quite a bit.

  11. pentologygames says:

    @dmfbank Yessirree. And shiney to boot 🙂

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