PC Gamers VS Console Gamers

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A comparison between PC gamer’s life and Console gamer’s life

In this video i wanted to show you the pros and the cons of both sides.
and i am not supporting any specific Platform. this video is just for fun . So sit back and enjoy 🙂

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Sounds used in this video-

♫Music’s Used In This Video♫

●Bensound – Retro Soul

●Bensound – Jazzcomedy

●Street Fighter V- Ken’s Theme

●Heavy Metal Intro

●Undertale Dogsong – Omni Remix

●Travis Scott – Upper Echelon- bass boosted

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31 Responses

  1. CODFish says:

    Please Watch Till the End if you think i'm insulting Console Gamers. Peace 🙂

  2. Khaled Sallam says:

    console is better than you but you hate them

  3. Mandeep Kaur says:

    plus make ps2 vs psp

  4. Konrad Varga says:

    3:55 R.I.P headphone users

  5. MADMAN RIDWAN says:

    fake graphics comparison

  6. Neeru Batra says:

    Hey consoles also have stores

  7. LordGaming777 77 says:

    Did u forget about digital games on ps4?

  8. garabest birb says:

    PC and console both are the best , but it is your way of thinking about them ( pls like if you like this comment ;))

  9. dude kicks don stars says:

    console gamers are also best

  10. Urijah Cardoza says:

    Borderlands boys

  11. words never end says:

    Came back codfish plz

  12. Jamaika Chicken says:

    HAHA,SO Funny

  13. Aritro Sarkar says:

    pc is good

  14. xVext Games says:

    Just saying you can download games on the store on console

  15. Mariana Gramada says:

    You can but ganea on the ps by gonit în the playstation store

  16. aha bizimki says:

    Consol is better than pc

  17. Dani_negro :v says:

    Y porq diferencian lo mas rata

  18. Dani_negro :v says:

    No hace falta todo a disco se puede conprar el plasystore de la ps4

  19. TheRealMysteryMan says:

    what if i like both?

  20. jk man says:

    u can buy games ps4 store

  21. Zikreya Junior says:

    PS 4 graphics is 4k

  22. Zikreya Junior says:

    No Man You. Can buy games on PS4 from PlayStation store also

  23. Kai Smith says:

    The only good thing about consoles are exclusive games. Like on PS4, they have Spider-Man.

  24. Abdo _24699 says:

    The first one for console is wrong you can buy games from PlayStation store

  25. مصطفى كيمر says:

    I dont mind grapix

  26. xXDannywolverine Xx says:

    Console gamers can buy games at internet too

  27. Levente Kapus says:

    ne kopizd gg amazingot te faszkalap

  28. ярик шоу says:

    разгаваревати па рускум

  29. rinalds paberzs says:

    Pc sucks and your aye cant see more then 30 fps and u have to waste 2000$ for a bad pc

  30. Gblstil Gt says:

    Best are pc 😀

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