“Our economy runs on women’s unpaid work” | Sandi Toksvig – REBUTTED

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“I recently delivered the annual Adam Smith lecture in Kirkcaldy, Fife. It was the first time a woman had been trusted to give this economics lecture all by herself. As a marvellous bagpiper led the way, it struck me that this might be my glass cliff moment. Because, let’s face it, I’m not an obvious choice for such a task. But with men now making up two-thirds of economics students, all but one of the Nobel prizewinners for economics having been a man and every single British chancellor of the exchequer somehow having been required to be a boy, then finding a woman might have been tricky.

By happy coincidence, I chose as the subject of my lecture women’s exclusion from the formal economy. Or as I like to call it, our grossly undervalued domestic product (GUDP). Never, as it happens, has this been more relevant than now, as the full horror of the gender pay gap is revealed. I have so enjoyed watching the debate unfold. Highlights include accusing women of conflating pay discrimination with the gender pay gap – silly women! – though nobody benefits more from this apparent “confusion” than the companies evading legal action.

Better still are those bemoaning the lack of explanatory data, while dogmatically concluding that the gender pay gap has nothing to do with discrimination in hiring or promotion decisions. And my absolute favourite – let’s not forget the pro-choicers. These are the three women on this planet whose privilege and adoration of unfettered capitalism leads them to infer that women simply choose to work for less, and guarantees them a slot on every talkshow “in the interest of balance”.

But the pay gap isn’t the choice of women. It is both a cause and consequence of gender inequality. In many respects it is more important than pay discrimination because it shines a light on the deep structural inequalities in every part of our society and economy.”

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30 Responses

  1. Keith Yohai says:

    Another amazing video by the man.

  2. Jim Clark says:

    She’s kind of right, but she’s saying it like it’s a bad thing.

    I say kind of because it’s only partially correct. My wife is not paid in the sense that no employer pays her. She is paid in the sense that she gets all of my money.

    Our nuclear family arrangement allows the economy to run properly. Yes, the economy could run properly if she was working and we had no kids, of course. But that’s temporary. When we retire, we stop participating in the economy as we did before. We essentially disconnect and become retirees. We still spend, but we are no longer productive.

    Our children take up our productivity. Our children that would not have been possible without my wife’s “unpaid” work.

    With no children, you have to allow immigrants to flood in. Eventually too many come in and then they stop assimilating. And then your country is no longer your country.

    They become the majority. Then it is their country

  3. natasha cortes says:

    hello to everyone I am very happy if you join a group named happy women
    i want to get environment thanks


  4. Radium J says:

    The Left uses emotional manipulation to provoke an emotional response from women in order to harvest their votes. This is all this article is. It uses envy to provoke an emotional response from women and white knights so that their votes can be harvested for their Leftist overlords.

  5. Gary Morley says:

    Stefan… she is a Lesbian feminist comedian and talk/game show host.

  6. MaidenAirTM says:

    I'm glad you have an intro. don't change it I want it to stick

  7. Out Of Oblivion Productions says:

    Stefan doesn't consider that some industries may be underpaid. The individual can choose not to work for that low pay and possibly struggle, but that doesn't change the underpaid industry. High immigration usually ensures that workers will work for low pay.

  8. Andrew Christopher says:

    The idea that a lesbian can talk about the division of labor between men and women is just bizarre. I have seen other YouTube videos in which lesbians are decrying the institution of marriage. This sort of thing is an obscenity. Gays and lesbians have no business talking about the relationships between men and women, the traditional marriage institution and the like — we simply cannot appreciate it, or speak from a position of sympathy or experiential knowledge.

    This lesbian's nonsense is just another of seemingly endless examples of feminists trying to a) say how wonderful they are, and b) say how unfair life is for them (and how horrible and "entitled" men are). Given that women "think" through their emotions, this is perhaps not surprising. Having abandoned the principal emotionally-satisfying experiences that women can have: enjoying an intimate relationship with a man who cares for her, and bearing and raising (and teaching) children, women are unhappy.

    But, because women "think" emotionally, and because women have a strong disinclination to take responsibility for the consequences of their own actions (they generally were protected and somewhat coddled by their menfolk), feminists are simply failing to see that their unhappiness, their sense of feeling cheated, arises entirely out of their own disastrous and ill-considered life choices. We live in an age where increasingly the limitations of the female psyche are on prominent display.

  9. weazz says:

    I love you Stefan Molyneux, but my not paying you is parasitical? How about put your stuff behind a pay gap 😛

    I'm a server making minimum wage, that has no baring on why I don't donate to your work, BUT it's what I agree to. You put your stuff out for free knowing it gets you a wider audience over those who would pay for your content if it was behind a pay wall. Parasite my ass.

    Keep up the good work sir 😀

  10. Avidcomp says:

    How many people does the millionaire Sandi Toksvig employ, and how much does she pay them?

  11. Cheryl Lawlor says:

    Well we can all see how male dominated societies are. Look no further than third world countries. Or Muslim countries who are full of violence, misery and hate.

  12. Tiempo Nuevo says:

    That is true. It took me the same time to clean my kitchen for 0 $ while the man who finished before I did earned 80$. I continued after he left. Yes a housewife earns room and board and some other amenities depending upon the spouse. I think that some one a few years back went to the trouble to actually figure out the value of a wife if the husband had to hire individuals to perform all the tasks a house wife performs. The total women would earn if they hired themselves out for the same work would have been about $100,000.00 per year…..that is your average house wife…who cooks, cleans, stays up with sick kids, taxies her children to and from school, activities, tutors, laundress, nurse, psychologist, councilor, life coach. and much more. People generally do pay men more. It is an old habit. Especially, if a woman works in any field which women were traditionally working in, at low wages, a century ago eg., social work, teaching, secretary, clerk, bank teller, seamstress, waitress, cashier and other such type jobs. Nurses use to earn as much as garbage men. They threw a fit and finally they now earn the good income the actually deserve. Those other jobs continue to be very low paying. Mostly they do not provide for much beyond rent, food, utilities (maybe) Honestly I've heard a lot of women (even non feminists) I have painted, worked In a factory, cashiered, cleaned houses, taught, and been a house wife. Believe it or not being a house wife was the most difficult, exhausting, emotionally taxing, plus I actually had more injuries which caused long term damage. (lower back) Climbing on a ladder to paint was far easier. The problem is that it's not the work that women generally do that is less valuable to society..it is that women are valued less. You know and I know all the old debates of the Greek philosophers. Women are valued less let us be honest Stefan…look around the world in many cultures women do the most difficult work in most of the cultures. If women were valued women in the middle east would be sold into marriage, they wouldn't be aborted more often than males. and on and on. The entire reason that women divorced their husband so often during the 60's on is because so many women were/are being abused, physically, mentally, emotionally, financially, spiritually. So, of course they are going to all end up being single moms. I've know many older women who raised wonderful sons along their sons didn't have their dads but they still turned out to have "real" men as sons. b Don't look at the worst cultures to say that women of the west have been treated the best.. do better. There is obviously a problem that exists or there wouldn't be so may women complaining … now that they actually have the freedom to talk. You couldn't know just how often women have kept silent and put up with whatever was. It was not too long ago that women were treated very differently in many ways than they are today and in some ways they were not treated too much better than Muslim women today.

  13. The Truth says:

    Toksvig is a well known lesbian bitch. She is Danish but lives in the UK and works as a TV 'personality' parasite. She looks like a fucking chipmunk and has all the personality of one.

  14. Monica Smyther says:

    Majority of voting power are… women. Hm….. how to fix the society??…. Let me think…. Taking away from them voting rights!

  15. AmericaDied 1913 says:

    Women that marry into "bad families" experience a valuless existence, women that marry into "good families" experience a valued existence. Home-makers need to choose their spouse's well, or it is their hell to pay, I sympathize with them.

  16. 33 78 says:

    I was never paid a single penny for the hard work of taking care of myself.
    I too was never paid for the hard work of making children and taking care of them.
    …okay, you see where this is going.
    At this point: Feminism = Absolute collectivism = Communism on roids and meth

  17. Jiatao Yun says:

    8:25 Why would I voluntarily choose to pay for something you keep releasing for free? Just doesn't make sense economically.

  18. John Normal says:

    If a man does housework any way other than how she likes it done, in her mind it's "not done", and she will redo it. Then she can claim that men don't do enough housework. They also do loads of pointless shit like excessive polishing etc and then decide it is an absolutely critical task.

  19. Truth & Justice says:

    I wonder how much I owe all those buskers I never paid? Mind you, Stef, I don't recall entering (or "negotiating") any contract with them. Perhaps you will accept my "educational" feedback as payment?
    ; ¬)

  20. Truth & Justice says:

    She's a lesbian? But I thought lesbians were weird-looking, man-hating feminists!
    ; ¬)

  21. Happy Solipsist says:

    I have a legitimate question. In your opinion, is it better for a child to be raised by an abusive horrible mother or by a daycare center. I see negatives to both and no positives. Is it basically a wash?

  22. murphy butler says:


  23. Jackass Chicken says:

    Amazing. While ridiculing a woman who thinks women should get more money, Stephen simultaneously ridicules his audience for not giving HIM more money.
    Go fuck that woman. You deserve each other.

  24. TheBornOfFire says:

    "Eeew what's that smell? has somebody been saying Sandi Toksvig?" – Rik Mayall, Bottom, The olden days.

  25. Brad says:

    My wife makes $110,000/yr as a software engineer in Phoenix, AZ. As someone who is still working on his degree, I'm trying to find where the gender pay gap is O.O

  26. Joseph White says:

    Why are there jobs for the boys? Because women aren't cut out to run heavy equipment, or deal with asphalt or construction jobs. Heck, women can't even work in an office building without complaining about it being too cold or too hot.
    So, 870 thousand women are comfortable with the cold hand of government raising their children, medicating them, indoctrinating them, and so on? I think that there should be 870k less women in business, and they should be raising families, so that we don't disappear from the earth.
    37:00 Women are more valuable than men. That's why they are provided with a house, a car, access to the man's checking account, his Social Security, his insurance, and the fruits of his labor. All a woman is being asked to do, is to raise children, and keep the house clean. The man has to get up in the morning, risk his life, work long hard hours, and shorten his life in order to provide for the woman.

  27. Rick Rozoff says:

    Re the inevitable race-baiting from Toksvig and her sort, there are a reported 200-plus billionaires in China and India.

  28. Vassago Raziel says:

    "If stay at home women don't receive anything, why are most of them fat?" lol

  29. D Hawks says:

    A woman owns half of her husband's assets and income.

  30. yeahsteeeve says:

    My girlfriend works at a hair salon. Her coworkers are, you guessed, all women. They call in or want to leave early ALL the time yet they rarely get reprimand because its hard to find competant new hires. The ones that show even the most remote hint of competency are pushed into managerial positions. The kicker is they are only offered like $0.50 increase in pay with almost 100% increase in responsibility yet they still take the job. My girlfriend has been offered a managerial position probably 10 different times but she refuses the position because its not worth it.

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